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Click on the link below to see a list of athletes that played multiple sports.

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Q: How many athletes have played two professional sports?
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How many professional athletes have been on two professional sports teams?

Almost all of them

How many players are there in Major League sports?

3630 professional athletes.

How many athletes went pro in 2009?

Including all professional sports from around the world, 2,734 athletes went pro in 2009.

How many professional athletes are there in Europe?

There are more than 1,000 professional athletes in Europe.

How many professional athletes went from high school to the pros?

34, from major sports (football, baseball, basketball, golf)

How many athletes are there per professional athletes?


How many kids want to grow up and become professional athletes?

Many kids dream of being professional athletes.

How many professional black athletes are there?

There number of the professional black athletes is in the tens of thousands. Most of the athletes disciplines is dominated by the black athletes from different parts of the globe.

What two days of the year are professional sports not played?

For the United States:There are actually professional sports being played on every day of the year. There are two days in which there are no popularmen's professional sports being played, however (which many count as no professional sports being played), which are the day before and the day after the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. During those two days, the major male professional sports of basketball, football, hockey, and baseball are at rest. The other professional sports being played include tennis, soccer, and women's professional basketball.For Other Countries:Not every country is the same in regards to professional sports schedules. In Australia, for example, Christmas, Boxing Day, and Good Friday are three days when professional sports are not played. It depends on the country.

How many athletes are athletes are there in the world?

there are 1000's of disabled of athletes in the world, that compete in sports

What is the difference between professional and ametuer athlete?

a professional athlete has many experience during the time he played and are those athletes that receives payment for their performance or play while the amateur athletes is a person who does not play for money but because of their passion or their hobby.

How many professional athletes are there?


How many professional athletes are uneducated?

all athletes are educated, but the amount of it varies.

How many Asians are in NFL?

Will Demps of the Giants and Hines Ward of the Steelers both have mothers of Korean descent. Click on the 'Asian Athletes' link on this page to see those athletes of Asian descent in all professional sports, past and present.

How have strikes and lockouts affected professional sports?

Lockouts have many affects in professional sports. For one, seasons are shortened or lost and therefore the fans can't see their favorite athletes in action. Of course that causes a lot of money to be lost because tickets aren't being sold and there aren't any tv ratings without televised games. Also, professional athletes have lost a tad bit of their competitive edge because they aren't competing on a daily basis.

How many professional athletes are there in India?


What is a professional athlete?

There are many things about professional athletes to know, if that's what you mean.

How many professional athletes lost there jobs from smoking?

Loads!!! i think the question is how many pro athletes smoke !!!

How can India use sports as a tool?

India can use sports as a tool in many aspects. It has Cricket which is played at professional level and also won at global level in many championships. It on the other hand can use Badminton and Tennis which is also played at professional level. Just a little more development andhard workto enjoy the sweet juice of success in sports field. India has to strive hard not to gain profits from sports by corruption but improve the game at global level to make professional development in sports sector.

How many professional athletes don't have college degrees?

not many

How many professional athletes does under armour sponsor?

Tons,If you watch sports especially baseball, football, and basketball you can see tons of players who sponsor under armour and many players are supported by UnderArmour.

How many disabled athletes are there in the world?

there are 1000's of disabled of athletes in the world, that compete in sports

What is the exact number of professional athletes that use steroids?

that number probably could not be calculated because there are many professional athletes that get away with taking steroids everyday

How many professional athletes use steroids?


How many professional athletes have there been?

over a million