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There were over 40,000 people who competed. No woman was allowed to be competing or the the audience because all the men were nude competing.

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Q: How many athletes competed in the 776 BCE Olympics?
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How many people competed in the Olympics in 776 BC?

14 to 27

What countries were involved in the 776 BC Olympics?

Only athletes from city states in Ancient Greece competed. These included Sparta, Rhodes, Croton, etc.

Who were the athletes in 776 BC Olympics?

they dont tell

How many athletes were in the 776 BC Olympic Games?

It is not known how many athletes were at the 776 BC Olympic Games. The early Olympic games were held every 4 years in Olympia, Greece.

How and where did the Olympics begin?

The original Olympics began in 776 BC at Olympia in Greece, where various city-states competed among each other to honour Zeus, the King of the Gods. The Modern Olympics began in Athens in 1896. Only fourteen nations competed in the 1896 Olympics, including Greece, the United States, Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland.

How many Olympics have happened?

there have been 750 Olympics since 776 Bc

On what day were the first Olympics held?

As far as the ancient Olympics, that information is not known although historians agree that the year was 776 BC. As far as the modern Olympics, that was April 6, 1896. The first event competed was a preliminary heat in the 100 meter dash.

What event did they hold in the 776 oylimpics?

There were no Olympics in 776.

How many countries participated in the 776 bc Olympics?


When did the Ancient Olympics begin?

The Ancient Olympics began in 776 BC in Olympia, Southwest Greece.776 BCE.

When did Olympics start?

The Olympics Started In 776 BC.

When was the Olympics invented?

The Olympics Was Invented In 776 BC.

How many games did they play in the 776 BCE Olympics?

i think it was only athletics

Where when did the Olympics start?

The Olympics started 776 BC in Greece.

When did the Olympics originally start?

The Olympics started in 776 B.C.

What types of events were at the ancient Olympic games?

At the Olympic Games there was: diving, chariot racing, javelin throw, long jump, and triple jump. Those are a few of the things they competed in the Olympics back in 776 B.C.

What year was the first ever Olympics games recorded?

776 b.c 776 b.c

How many people attended and participated in the Ancient Olympics in 776 BC?

We do not have those details.

What year did the Olympics start?

Around 776 BCThe Ancient Olympics started in 776 BC. Then they stopped and they started the modern summer Olympics in 1896. The winter Olympics started in 1924. Then the youth Olympics (Summer and winter) started in 2010.

When were the Greek Olympics?

The Greek Olympics were originated in 776 B.C., Olympia.

What are facts about the ancient Olympics?

The ancient Olympics began in 776 BC

When were the ancient Olympics started?

It is recorded that the Olympics started at 776 B.C.

When and where was Olympics held?

776 b.C

When were the Olympics founded?

776 b.C.

Where were the 776 BCE Olympics?