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Q: How many athletes competed for Spain in the Beijing 2008 Olympics?
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What country has the least athletes at the Olympics?


12 countries that are going to the Beijing Olympics?

The 12 largest countries at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: # China - 639 athletes # The United States - 596 athletes # Russia - 467 athletes # Germany - 463 athletes # Australia - 433 athletes # Japan - 351 athletes # Italy - 344 athletes # Canada - 332 athletes # France - 323 athletes # Great Britain - 312 athletes # Spain - 286 athletes # Brazil - 277 athletes

How many countries competed in the 1992 olympic games?

169 countries competed in the 1992 olympics in spain

How many people competed in the 1992 Olympics?

over 9,500 people competed in the 1992 olypics in spain,barcelona

What year did Spain start to compete in the Olympics?

Spain first competed at the 1900 Summer Games in Paris.

How many athletes competing in the 2006 Olympics are from Spain?


How many athletes from Spain will compete in the 2012 Olympics?


How many athletes does Spain have in the 2012 Olympics?

282 in 23 sports

What was Cathy Freeman's first Olympics?

Her first Olympics was in the 1992 Olympics which were held in Barcelona, Spain. she competed in the 4x400m relay and the team came in at 7th place

Who won the gold in mens single tennis in Beijing Olympics?

Rafael Nadal, of Spain.

In how many Olympics has Spain competed in?

Spain has competed in 17 Winter Olympic Games (all since 1936) and in 21 Summer Olympic Games (all except 1896, 1904, 1908, 1912, and 1936).

How many years has Spain participated in the winter Olympics?

The 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver were the 18th Winter Olympics that Spain has competed in ... they have sent a team to each Winter Olympics since the 1936 Winter Games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

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