How many athletes are overpaid?

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all of them

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Q: How many athletes are overpaid?
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Are pro athletes overpaid?

No pro athletes are not overpaid

Which sport has the most overpaid athletes?


Does professional athletes being overpaid affect the sport?


Why are athletes overpaid?

because they train hard and earn the money they get

Is American football in Olympics?

No. The Olympics are for athletes not overpaid actors.

Is this fact or opinion large salaries and overpaid athletes are spoiling the purity of sporting competitions?


Why are nurses overpaid?

Actually, they are not overpaid.

Are football players overpaid or not?

yes wayyy overpaid

Are Actors and Professional Athletes paid too much and why?

Definately not. They are very entertaining and millions of people go to watch them. But mainly athletes. They are not overpaid. Their whole lives they've dedicated to working as hard as possible to become who they are. its not just natural talent. They devoted everything to it and not many people can say that.

Why Athletes are overpaid?

"Overpaid" is an opinion in a Capitalist economy. Athletes are paid so highly because they are in very high demand, and the sport industries make a significant amount of money off of this demand. Because the industries make so much money, they pay as much as they can to attract the best players to play for their team, as most players are going to play for whoever offers them the most money. If society wanted to reduce athletes' pay, the way to do that would be to eliminate the demand of athletes and the industry would no longer profit.

Can you put overpaid in a sentence?

You've overpaid me by three dollars.

What does hes overpaid but hes worth it mean?

The sentence: He has overpaid but he is worth it, means he is rich so he can afford to overpaid. It is basically an insult.

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