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Germany has 153 athletes participating in the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

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2014-02-08 20:34:27
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Q: How many athletes are going to be on the 2014 German winter Olympic team?
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How many Chinese athletes are going to the 2010 winter olympic games?

I think there was about 15 Chinese Athletes on 2010 Winter Olympics

How many athletes are competing 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games?

The press is estimating 5,500 atheletes are going to particepate in the games

How many French athletes are going to Beijing from France?

There are 708 athletes competing for France at the 2008 Olympic games.

Is India participating in the 2014 winter Olympics?

There were three Indian athletes that were going to compete under the Independent Olympic flag, as India had been banned due to governmental influences on the Indian National Olympic Committee. The ban was lifted on February 11th, so the remaining two athletes will compete under the Indian flag.

When is the winter Olympic going to be?

February 12-28 2010 in Vancouver Canada

How many years had the winter olympic games been going on for?

86 years.

Where are the 2008 winter olympics going to be held?

The 2008 Olympic Games are in Beijing, China. (It is the Summer Olympics, not Winter)

Where are the 2018 winter Olympic games going to be held?

The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Are there any athletes from Houston are in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Well of course there are going to be there. It wouldn't be a show with out them

Is silver the hedgehog going to be in Mario y sonic at the olympic winter games?

yes, he is

Where are the next summer olympic games going to be held in 2014?

There is no summer olympic games in 2014. There was the Sochi 2014 winter olympics.

Where is the olympic games going to be in 2014?

The 2014 winter olympics will be held in Sochi. Sochi is in Russia

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