How many athlete will take part?

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Q: How many athlete will take part?
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How old must an athlete be to take part in the Olympics?

There is no minimum age requirement. Many gymnasts and figure skaters have been teenagers.

What do you call a athlete who takes part in a decathlon?

What do you call a athlete who takes part in a decathlon

How do you become an athlete?

Join an athletics team and train reguarly, become good and take part in competitions.

How long does it take to become an olympic athlete?

What characteristics does it take to become an athlete in canada

What sport did American athlete Bear Bryant take part in?

Paul "Bear" Bryant was an American college footballplayer and coach.

What is the origin for athlete?

the origin for athlete is the a person who runs take track and works out

What is the the part of speech for the word athlete?


Who is the best athlete in the 2004 Olympics?

The best athlete is a subjective question and therefore cannot be answered. The reason for this is no two athletic events are the same (in the swimming events the answer would be easier as many top swimmers take part in many different events) - it is impossible to compare a 100m sprinter to someone that walks 50km or to a pole vaulter? However a decathlete who takes part in 10 different events (many to world class standard) over 2 days could be described as the best "all round athlete".

How many athlete salaries does it take to make 1 trillion dollars?

depends on the sport and the athletes

Is there testing related to becoming an athlete?

It depends on the sport on which you are playing for. Many professional sporting leagues have drug screening tests, to see if any player is taking any banned substance. Yet, I know that the Olympic Committee peforms full drug tests for every athlete that will take part in that respective Olympics. If an athlete tests postive, they will not be allowed to compete

What is the athlete's oath?

The athlete's oath is an oath they take during the Olympics. It is a promise of upholding integrity as an athlete, such as not doping or taking drugs.

What do you do if you are a athlete?

If your an athlete you can do many sports but it is most associated with running.

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