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Q: How many assist Steve Nash average in his career?
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What are Steve Nash career high points?

Steve Nash scored 42 points twice in his career!

How many points does Steve Nash average per game?

As of February 15, 2008 Steve Nash is averaging 17.4 points per game for this season (2007-08) and for his career is averaging 14.2 points per game.

How many career points does Steve Nash have?

As of August 13, 2011, he has 15,877 points for his career.

What team did Steve Nash begin his nba career with?

Phoenix Suns in 1996.

What is Steve Nash career high in assists?

23 assits against the Lakers in 06

Are Steve Nash and rick Nash related?

no Steve Nash is not related to rick Nash.

What is Steve Nash's nickname?

Steve Nash nickname is " NO LOOK NASH "

Is rick Nash related to Steve Nash?

Yes Steve Nash is related to Rick Nash

Is Steve Nash a Christian?

Steve Nash is an Anglican. Steve Nash is a basketball player

Is Jason Kidd Better Then Steve Nash?

Yes. 2 time MVP and 5 time assist leader .

What religion is Steve Nash?

Steve Nash is not religious.

Is Steve Nash a starter?

no Steve Nash is not a starter

How many assists did phoenix suns point guard Steve Nash dish 2005?

he had 22 assist his 2005 year

Who is better Steve Nash or Dwight Howard?

Steve Nash

How much is a Steve Nash rookie card?

The value of a Steve Nash rookie card varies on the condition of the card and maker of the card. The average price of this card in excellent condition is six dollars.

Are Rick and Steve Nash related?

Rick and Steve Nash are not related to one another. Rick Nash is an American hockey player. Steve Nash is an American basketball player.

How are rick and Steve Nash related?

Steve Nash of the NBA and Rick Nash of the NHL are not related whatsoever.

Does Steve Nash have a girlfriend?

Steve Nash is right now married

How tall Steve Nash?

Steve Nash height is 6-3

Is rick Nash and Steve Nash brothers?

Rick Nash (NHL Hockey player) and Steve Nash (NBA Basketball player) are not brothers.

Are rick Nash and Steve Nash brothers?

ya right Steve Nash all ready has a brother he is a soccer player and his name is martain Nash

Does Steve Nash live in Arizona?

yes, Steve Nash lives in Arizona

When was Steve Nash born?

Steve Nash was born on February 7, 1974.

What poisition did Steve Nash play?

Steve Nash plays POINT GUARD

Steve Nash in college?

Steve Nash went to colloge andis done with it