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Pele played in a total of four world cups, from 1958 to 1970, he also won three world cups, the only player to ever do it.

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Q: How many apperiances did Pele make?
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How many red cards did Pele make?

pele made 4 out of 5

How many World cup appearances did Pele make?

Pele played in four world cups from 1958 to 1970.

How many kids does Pele have?

Pele has 7 children

How many children does Pele have?

Pele has 7 children

Where did Hitler gain his fame?

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How much does Pele make playing soccer?

Nothing. Pele doesn't play anymore.

How many goals did Pele' score?

Pele has scored 1,281 goals.

How many medals did Pele win?

Pele won 1972 medals

How many pages does A Pele do Ogro have?

A Pele do Ogro has 273 pages.

How many goal Pele in world cup?

Pele scored 12 goals

How many sisters and brothers did Pele' have?

Pele' has 2 sisters and 2 brothers

How many brothers and sisters did Pele have?

Pele' has got 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

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How many games did Pele play in at world cup 1966?

how many goal did Pele score in the 1966 world cup

How much did Pele make when he played?

he retired in 1988

How much money did Pele make in his career?


Why was Pele called Pele?

Because he is pele

How many assist did Pele have in his carear?

Pele has about 231 Official assists, and some 400 official goals.

How many times did Pele play in the world cup?

Pele played for Brazil in three world cups.

How many career games did Pele play?

Not including his time with the cosmos Pele played 1253 games

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How many goals Pele score?


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How many red cards did Pele have?