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there is only 9 and the best one is FC Aztec

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โˆ™ 2011-07-08 13:38:06
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Q: How many amateur football clubs are there in the UK?
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How many amateur football clubs in the UK?

Do you mean semi-professional?

How many football clubs are there in the UK?

92 Professional Football clubs from what I gather.I dont think there is a record of Amateur Football Clubs tho.

How many football clubs in UK?

There is no official number but there would be thousands.

How many soccer clubs in the UK?

about 9

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How many night clubs are there in the UK?


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How many football fans are there in the UK?

There are millions of football fans in the UK.

How many sports clubs in the UK?

over 700

What is the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United?

Manchester United and Liverpool are both football clubs in the UK. They are two of the most successful clubs in England and both claim the title of the Greatest English Football Club.

How many women participate in football in the UK?

how do they do football

How many football leagues are there in the UK?

the league in the football is 35

What football team in the UK does John Terry play for?

John Terry plays for Chelsea Football Club in the UK. He is idolized by Chelsea fans but has been involved in scandals that have made him a target for fans of other clubs.

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Just simply google cannabis social clubs (UK)

How many soccer clubes are in the UK?

im not sure but there is 20 clubs in the English premiership

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What percentage of people play football in the UK?

how many boys play football in the uk compared to girls

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Started in UK When???

How many rock bands in the UK?

I doubt that there is a count which includes all amateur and only locally known bands.

How many people have died in the UK playing association football?

Many more then 197 people died in uk

How many people play football in the UK?

well there are millonz

How many people in the UK are members of a football club?


Is Football a more popular sport than fishing in the UK in English?

There are so many popular games in UK. Games like Football and Cricket command great fanbases in UK.