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Q: How many all time wins do the Tampa Bay Rays have?
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How many wins did the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have in 1996?

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, now known as the Tampa Bay Rays, began playing baseball in 1998.

How many wins do the Tampa Bay Rays have all-time?

Since they joined the MLB in 1998, Tampa Bay has a career win/loss record of 922 wins and 1181 losses. They have made the playoffs twice (2008, 2010) and won the American League title in 2008. They had 645 wins as the Devil Rays and 277 wins as just the Rays.

How many games did the Tampa rays win in 2008?

97 65 Wins Losses

Who has the most regular wins Tampa Bay Rays or Philadelphia Phillies?


How many wins does Ray's have against Boston Red Sox?

In 2009 The Tampa Bay Rays were 9-9 against the Boston Red Sox.

MLB team most come from behind wins in a season?

the Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland Athletics are tied with 18

What is the lifetime wins and losses of the Tampa rays?

1013-1252 Their season highs are 97 wins in 2008 and 106 losses in 2002. Their season lows are 55 wins in 2002 65 loses in 2008

How many all time wins do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have?

From their first year in 1976 to the end of 2014, the Bucs had 241 wins. This includes post season wins such as playoffs and Super Bowl.

How many super bowl wins does the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have?


How many career wins do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have?

Through the 2012 season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a franchise record of 229-350-1.

What is the current Texas Rangers playoff record?

As of October 8th, 2010, the Rangers have taken a 2-0 series lead over the Tampa Bay Rays, with the teams playing in Arlington, TX on 10-09-10. The 2 wins over the Rays makes a total of 3 playoff wins in the entire history of the team.

What was the New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays record for wins and losses in 2011?

The two teams actually had a split record in 2011 going 9-9 in 18 games.

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