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As of March 2011, that would be 11 coaches (NCAA Div I men's)

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Q: How many active NCAA division 1 basketball coaches have won a national championship?
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Who are the only four African American men's Division 1 head basketball coaches to win a national championship?

I am pretty sure that there are only 3 African American men's Division 1 head basketball coaches who have won a Division 1 men's basketball championship: John Thompson, Jr.Nolan RichardsonTubby Smith

When was National Association of Basketball Coaches created?

National Association of Basketball Coaches was created in 1927.

How many black coaches have won a national championship?


What coaches have won the national championship in their 2nd season as head coach?

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma won a national championship in his second season

What acc teams have won national championship?

Though the NCAA does not determine an official national champion for Division I FBS football, several ACC members have achieved a national championship through the Associated Press, the Coaches Poll, or the Bowl Championship Series.Clemson-1981 (the Associated Press Poll and the Coaches Poll)Florida State-1993 (the Associated Press Poll and the Coaches Poll), 1999 (Bowl Championship Series)Georgia Tech-1990 (the Coaches Poll)Maryland-1953 (the Associated Press Poll and the Coaches Poll)Miami-1983, 1987, 1989, 1991 (the Associated Press Poll and the Coaches Poll), 2001 (Bowl Championship Series)*Italics denote championships won before the school joined the ACC.

Which NCAA men's basketball coaches have won national championships?


How many black coaches are there NCAA division 1 basketball?


What coaches have retired after winning a NCAA men's basketball championship?

John Wooden-UCLA AND Al McGuire--Marquette

How much would a 1982 NCAA Basketball Championship card with all of signatures of the team and coaches be worth?


How many NCAA football coaches have won Division 1 national championships at different schools?

Unless I am mistaken, there is only one: Nick Saban, who won the BCS Championship at LSU (2004) and at Alabama (2009).

How many ncaa basketball championships has been won by black coaches?

Two black coaches have won the NCAA Basketball Championship. John Thompson of Georgetown in 1984 and Nolan Richardson of Arkansas in 1994.

Has there ever been a football coach who won a national championship at both division 1 and division 2?

This question is difficult to answer, given the "mythical" national championship in Division 1-FBS (I-A) and the fact that Division 2 was only organized in the 1970s (previously known under different names, including "college division"). There have been coaches to win national titles at both the FBS and FCS levels (Jim Tressel being the most recent, having won at Youngstown State and Ohio State), but there are no verifiable instances of a coach winning a D-II and D-I-FBS title since Division 2 was officially chartered.

Which college football team won the first ncaa football championship?

In 1869 Princeton and Rutgers split the college football National Championship. The first consensus (Coaches' and Media polls) National Championship was Oklahoma in 1950.

Do assistant head coaches get championship rings in college basketball?

everyone involved gets a ring. except fans; that would be absurd.

How hard is it to get into a division 1 college for basketball?

You MUST be amazing! It takes size athleticism and skill to play d1 basketball you must also have looks from recruiters or coaches for a better chance.

When was Women's Basketball Coaches Association created?

Women's Basketball Coaches Association was created in 1981.

What is the difference between BCS championship and National Championship?

This is acctually a complicated question, I hope this helps. The NCAA does not grant an official national championship in the FBS (formerly Division 1-A), instead the highest level of an official national championship is in the FCS (formerly Division 1-AA). As for the FBS, the national championship has traditionally been decided by two to three sets of polls voted on by members of the media or coaches. The BCS was formed to try and put the two top teams together in a "national championship" game using the polls to determine those teams. Since the AP poll pulled out of the BCS, however, the champion is decided by the winner of the BCS title game AND the Associated Press. So there could theoretically be a BCS champion and an AP champion, both of which would be regarded as the "national champion" for that year. However, 2003 was the last time this happened (LSU won the BCS, but the AP selected USC.) There are also a handfull of mathematical systems that grant a "national championship" but they are not typically recognized by schools, fans, or the media.

What Grafton native has the highest winning percentage of all NCAA Division 1 basketball coaches?

Clair Francis Bee

Which coach have the championship title in the NCAA?

No coach has the championship title as there is no championship for coaches. The championship is for teams.

What coaches won a national championship at the University of Michigan?

In 1947, "Fritz" Crisler. In 1948, Bennie Oosterbaan. In 1997, Lloyd Carr.

What is the list of active top coaches with the most NCAA division 1 basketball wins?

See the following post:

What four US Olympic men's basketball coaches won a gold medal and an NCAA Championship?

Pete Newell, Dean Smith, Bob Knight, and Mike Krzyzewski

How many NCAA Div 1a College football coaches have won more than 1 national championship?

2 nick and urban

How much do professional basketball coaches make?

The professional basketball coaches make an average of $3.4 million per year. There are professional coaches in the USA who earn more than this.

Who are the three top winning coaches for women's NCAA division one basketball?

C. Vivian Stringer Geno should be on there in the near future