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Q: How many Yankee players in 2009 season had 20 or more home runs?
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How many home runs were hit in Yankee Stadium in 2009?

There were 237 home runs hit at Yankee Stadium during the 2009 season. Which led the major leagues.

What stadium has had the most home runs hit in it for the 2009 Season?

In 2009, Yankee Stadium yielded 237 home runs, which led the major leagues..

What Yankee players have won the home run derby?


Most home runs by stadium 2009?

I am not sure which stadium produced the most and have been unsuccessful in finding the answer online, but I do know Yankee Stadium was leading the pace most of the season and completed the 2009 regular season with 237.

What was the most home runs by a New York Yankee in a season?

Roger Maris hit 61 home runs in the 1961 season.

How many New York Yankee home games are in one season?


What Yankee has the most single season home runs in postseason?

Bernie Williams

Who has hit the Most home runs in a season by a Yankee catcher?

Mike Piazza with 427. Mike Piazza's career home run total is 427, however his record for home runs as a catcher stands at 396. the remainder were hit as a designated hitter.

What are the most home runs at a ballpark?

in 2009 New Yankee stadium

Which New York Yankee hit the most home runs at Yankee Stadium in one season?

Roger Maris in 61 I believe.