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From 1994 the U.S.A have played four world cups. they will also be in 2010 world cup.

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Q: How many World Cups has the us appeared in?
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How many world cups US won?


How many world cups had US won?


How many Rugby World Cups has the US won?

The US has never won the Rugby World Cup.

How many World Cups has the US played in?

The U.s.A will play in their fifth world cup.

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How many World Cups has the USA won?

The US men have not won the World Cup. The US women won the World Cup twice, in 1991 and 1999.

How many world cups did the US men's soccer team win?

The US Men's team has never won the FIFA World Cup.

How many times has the us won in fifa?

The U.S.A have yet to win a world cup, as yet, but they have been to many world cups.

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The U.S.A have been to five world cups counting 2010.

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How many times has US cualified for the world cup?

The U.S.A. have qualified for 5 world cups, counting 2010 world cup.

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