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100 Poole

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Q: How many US soccer players have scored a goal against Italy?
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What colors do soccer players wear in Italy?

Soccer players in italy wear (Home):blue (Away) White

What is the Italians soccer teams name?

who are the players on Italy's soccer team for2010

Are soccer players drama queens?

No unless they're from Italy.

Who scored a goal when the Men's US soccer team beat Italy in 2012?

Clint Dempsey.

Where are the best soccer players in the world from?

There are great players everywhere, but some of the best are from Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, and Italy

Who scored the goal for Ireland in the 1994 World Cup against Italy?

Ray Houghton

What 4 teams have scored the most goals in soccer world cup history?

They are Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Italy.

Who scored the most goals on Italy's soccer team?

It could well be Roberto Baggio or Alesandro De Piero.

Current famous Italian soccer players?

Francesco Toti plays for Roma and Italy. Gilardino plays for AC Milan and Italy.

Which Nigerian player has scored two goals in the World Cup?

Yekini, in World Cup-1994========= this answer is wrong, yekini only scored one goal in usa 94 against Bulgaria while Amunike and Amokachi both scored twice, both scored against Bulgaria, Amokachi scored the second goal against Greece and amunike scored the only Nigerian goal against Italy. Kingsley Obodomechine

Who scored the 100th goal in worldcup soccer?

The 100th goal scored in the FIFA World Cup was scored by Angelo Schiavio (Italy) during a USA vs Italy match on May 27th, 1934.He was part of the Italian team that went on to win the 1934 FIFA World Cup.

Who scored the first try for NZ against Italy in the first rugby world cup?

Michael Jones

Who scored the first penalty in the Italy 94 world cup?

Demetrio Albertini scored Italy's first penalty in the World Cup final. Franco Baresi has missed with his kick. If you're talking about the entire World Cup, then Roberto Baggio scored from the spot for Italy in the last 16s against Nigeria.

How much do soccer players get paid in Belgium?

Belgium footballers are plaid less compared to Italy , Spain and in england.

Who was the famous Italy football team?

Juventus , because it had Pavel Nedved , Zidane , Platini , and the who who scored the goal against Italy in the final David Trezeguet

When was soccer invented in Italy?

soccer was not invented in Italy it was invented in England

Which team in Italy has scored most matches?

Juventus is the team in Italy that has scored most matches. It has scored a total of 4577 goals.

Who scored the last penalty for Italy against France in 2006 world cup final?

Fabio Grosso scored the winning penalty after France's David Trezeguet missed.

Is soccer the biggest sport in Italy?

Yes soccer is the biggest sport in Italy.

Which famous soccer players have worn the number 5?

Fabio Cannavaro of Italy, one of the best defenders of all time!

Who played against each other in the finals in 2006 the previous soccer world cup?

Italy and France.

How much money do soccer players make in Italy?

They can make a lot of money in Italy , from 45,000 pounds to over 3 million pounds a year. and yes in I Italy taxes are less compared to england.

Who has scored for both teams in a World Cup Match?

Ernie Brandts of Netherlands, against Italy in 1978. Scored an own goal in the 18th minute, and a goal in the 50th minute.

What does soccer mean in Italy?

Soccer means a greatdeal to the Italians it is their national sport of Italy.

Which famous soccer players have worn number 18?

Pual Scholes Mesi (Argentia Roberto Baggio (Italy) guardado(mexico)