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Cipollini won 12 stage of the Tour de France.

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Q: How many Tour de France sprints did Mario Cippollini win?
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Is there a green jersey in the tour de france?

Yes. The green jersey is worn by the one who wins the most sprints.

What does the red jersey mean in le tour de france?

There is no official red jersey that means anything in le tour de france. You might have seen a team jersey with a lot of red in it. There used to be a red jersey, awarded for intermediate sprints points, but it wasn't that useful and was cancelled in 1989.

How fast can tour de france bikes go?

In the sprints, they can hit about 60 KMH/40 MPH for a few seconds. On long descents, they can reach 50+ MPH/80+ KMH.

When was Tour France created?

Tour France was created in 1973.

Can you be baby Mario in Mario golf toadstool tour?

Baby Mario cannot be played in Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

What does tour de mean in english?

"Tour de" basically means "tour of". So tour de France = tour of France.

Is tour a country of France?

Tours, which is pronounced Tour, is a city in France.

Why is the Tour France named?

The Tour de France, the cycling race, just means tour of France, tour meaning race in this instance. So called because it goes around France.

How do you link Mario golf toadstool tour to Mario golf advance tour?

You be epic

Why is it called the Tour de France?

Le tour de France basically means "the tour of France". It's a long race that does cover a considerable part of France.

When was A Little Tour in France created?

A Little Tour in France was created in 1884.

When was Tour de France created?

Tour de France was created in 1903.

How do you say Tour de France on TV?

"Tour de France on TV" is "(le) Tour de France à la télévision" in French.

Which vehicle is raced in the tour de France?

Bicycles are raced in the Tour de France

How many pages does A Little Tour in France have?

A Little Tour in France has 255 pages.

Is the tour de France stage solely in France?

no, it takes part in different countries, but the majority of the tour is in France

Has a woman ever won the Tour de France?

For a woman to win the Tour, they would have to race the Tour. Currently, men ride the Tour de France and women ride the Tour de France Feminin, which is a cycling grand tour for women.

Where was the tour de France in 1962?


What can you do in France?

you can go to the tour center and get a tour or browse.

Is the tour downunder part of the tour de France?


Who won Le Tour De France 1932?

André Leducq, France, won the 1932 Tour de France

Is the word tour a noun?

Tour can be either a noun or a verb, depending upon how it is used. As a noun: I am going on a tour of France. As a verb: I wish to tour France.

Who won the 2012 tour de France?

bradley wiggins won the tour de france

Mountain classification for tour de France?

Google "category climbs in tour de france".

What year did the Tour De France start in London?

The 94th Tour de France in 2007