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5 then hes thrown out of game

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2009-03-06 02:13:16
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Q: How many Technical fouls is a player allowed?
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Can a player be ejected for the season for technical fouls?

Yes but it depends on how many fouls and the severity of the fouls

How many fouls is each player allowed to have before he is disqualified?

6 fouls

How many technical fouls can a player have during playoffs?

A player can only receive 7 technical fouls in a playoff seris before they get suspended for one game.

How many fouls are allowed?

In the NBA a player is allowed up to 6 fouls. After a player has reached 6 fouls they're "fouled out" and cannot participate in the rest of the game.

How many technical fouls allowed in one game?

In the NBA there's only two allowed per player/coach. If a player or coach get two technicals, they will be ejected (forced to leave) the game.

How many times can you foul in basketball?

2 technical fouls and 6 fouls

How many fouls is a professional player allowed to receive in a game?


How many fouls is a player allowed before being fouled out?


How many technical fouls can a player get to be suspended a game n the NBA?

You need two

What is a major type of basketball penalty?

The two most "major" penalties in basketball are technical fouls and flagrant fouls. Flagrant fouls are assessed when a player fouls another player with excessive force without making a play on the ball. Technical fouls are assessed to players who disrespect other players or the referree. Technical fouls are judgement calls by the ref. they can be called for cursing, taunting, attempted fighting, arguing or many more things.

In the NBA how many technical fouls can you have until you get suspended?

Once you get 16 technical fouls, suspensions will result.

How many fouls is a high school player allowed to receive in a game?


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