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Five - in 1971, '72, '73, '82, and '84.

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Q: How many Super Bowls have the dolphins got to?
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How many Super Bowls have Charlie Batch Won?

He was won two super bowls in 2006 winning super bowl XL defeating the Seattle Seahawks 21-10 and in 2009 defeating the Arizona Cardinals 27-23. He clearly didn't do squat to win 2 super bowl rings but he got them including in 09' that was luck for Pittsburgh

How many Super Bowl champions did not make it back the following year to defend their title?

Most of them. Out of 42 chances to defend their title, only 8 teams did and only 3 teams tried and failed. Although the Packers, Dolphins, 49'ers, Cowboys, Broncos, Patriots and Steelers (twice) had consecutive victories, none even got a chance for a third. Only 3 times did a team win one Super Bowl, then lose the next one. * The Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl XII, then lost Super Bowl XIII * The Washington Redskins won Super Bowl XVII, then lost Super Bowl XVIII * The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XXXI, then lost Super Bowl XXXII Only twice did the loser of a Super Bowl win the following year, and they were consecutive : * Dallas Cowboys lost Super Bowl V to the Colts, won Super Bowl VI over the Dolphins * Miami Dolphins lost Super Bowl VI to the Cowboys, won Super Bowls VII and VIII (see related question for all winners to date)

Has Joe Montana won four Super Bowls?

yes, 4 superbowls. Named M.V.P. in 3. (jerry rice got other mvp)

When did Jack in the box get teriyaki bowls?

Jack in the Box just Got Teriyaki Bowls and have not had them in the past EVER.

Do dolphins cry?

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When did Tony Dorsett win any Super Bowls?

Tony Dorsett got a Super Bowl ring when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII on 15 January of 1978. It would be his only Super Bowl win. Wikipedia has a short article on this All Pro. A link is provided.

How did the Pittsburgh Steelers get started?

They got Terry Bradshaw,Franco Harris,Lynn Swann,and other football stars in the 1970's.They also won four Super Bowls.

How meany super bowls did Tim tebow win?

None. He's never played in one, he's never been in one. He got to the playoffs as the starting quarterback for the Broncos, but they got eliminated that year. He hasn't been a starter since.

How many super bowl rings the 49ERS GOT?


How many form has sonic got?

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How many superbowls did john elway play in?

John Elway of the Denver Broncos played in 5 Super bowls. His first 3 appearances ended in disaster; he got blown out. in is final 2 appearances, he put up big numbers and became the 5th quarterback to led his team to back-to-back Super bowl victories.

How much did the dolphins sell for?

they sell dolphins for money You just got messed up

How many people got to the super bowl every year?


Did Don Shula chase down a watch thief at the Super Bowl?

Yes. As Shula was being carried off the field after the Dolphins won Super Bowl VII, someone came up and ripped his wristwatch off his arm. He got down off his players shoulders and ran the thief down and got his watch back.

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How many chromosomes has a dolphin got?

You mean "how many chromosomes does a dolphin have?" Dolphins have 44 chromosomes, two pairs of 22.

Is there any dolphins in the Amazon rainforest?

not in the rainforest but in the river well yeah. definetely!!!!!!!XXX i think its got pink river dolphins.

Who was the only quarterbacks to win a super bowl with 2 teams?

No quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl with two different teams. Craig Morton started for the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V and Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII, losing both games. He remains the only QB to lead both an NFC and AFC team to the Super Bowl. It wasn't until Super Bowl XLIII that another quarterback arrived at the Super Bowl with their second different team. In that game Kurt Warner led the Arizona Cardinals (in a losing effort) after previously leading the St. Louis Rams to Super Bowls XXXIV (win) and XXXVI (loss). Incidentally, while 5 different men have lead two different teams to the Super Bowl, no head coach has ever won Super Bowls with two different teams either. The head coaches that have led two different teams to the Super Bowl are: Don Shula (Colts and Dolphins), Dick Vermeil (Eagles and Rams), Bill Parcells (Giants and Patriots), Dan Reeves (Broncos and Falcons), and Mike Holmgren (Packers and Seahawks). All 5 coaches have Super Bowl rings. Shula, Vermeil, Parcells, and Holmgren got their rings by winning the Super Bowl as head coach, while Reeves got his ring playing for Dallas (Super Bowl VI champion).

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How many people call in sick after the super bowl?

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When was the first and second Super Bowls games?

The first Super Bowl was in the 1966 season when the Packers won over the Chiefs. The second Super Bowl was in the 1967 season when the Packers won over the Raiders. There has also been NFL championships since the NFL was created. The NFL decided to name it the Super Bowl, after a little kid who got the idea off of super ballls. Pretty much bouncy balls with a special name.

How many kids have steven Gerrard got?

2 & he's married to a super-model

Who was the quarterback and running back of Miami Dolphins in 1972?

At quarterback, the Dolphins started Bob Griese for the first 5 games of the season. After he got injured, Earl Morrall started the remaining 9 regular season games, as well as the Dolphins' first two playoff games. Griese returned to make his 6th start of the season in the Super Bowl against the Redskins. At running back, the Dolphins split time at halfback between Mercury Morris and Jim Kiick.

In the Island of the Blue Dolphins what does Ramo forget to bring?

he for got to bring his spere

How many times have the chargers been to a Super Bowl?

The Chargers have been to the Super Bowl one time that was Super Bowl XXIX in 1995.They played the San Francisco 49ers,and got defeated.