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8 For 6 Sports 8 For 6 Sports 8 For 6 Sports

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Q: How many Sri lanka competitors are there in Beijing Olympics 2008?
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What country had the most competitors in the Beijing Olympics?

The People's Republic of China had 639 athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

How many athletes from Rep. of Moldova are competing in the 2008 Olympics?

Moldova participated with 31 competitors to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

How many women competitors competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Around 2000 Women Competitors Competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics!! For more information text your question to: 118118 texts cost 50p ->price ay have changed!!

How many athletes competed for Australia in the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

433 competitors

How many times did sri lanka take part in Olympics?

The 2008 Games in Beijing will be the 8th Olympics for the country as Sri Lanka. The country also participated in 7 Olympic Games as Ceylon.

Who won the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

No one 'wins' the Olympics. There are dozens of different events that competitors participate in and each individual event has a winner.

How many British competitors at the Olympics?

Great Britain sent a team of 312 athletes to compete at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

When was the Beijing Olympics?

The Beijing Olympics were in 2008.

How many teams are in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

How many teams are in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Is India in the Beijing 2008 summer Olympics?

Yes they are and should be watched in the shooting events. For the first time also they have competitors in the swimming events.

When do the Beijing Olympics end?

The 2008 Beijing Olympics will officially end on the 24th August 2008.

Where was the 2008 Olympics?

The 2008 Olympics were held in beijing.

How many athletes will be in the country for the Beijing Olympics 2008 summer Olympics?

10 500 athetes are ate the Beijing Olympics 2008

Is netball in the Olympics in Beijing 2008?

No netball is not an olympic sport so will not be played in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

What rank did Australia come at Beijing Olympics 2008?

Australia ranked 6th at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

How many athletes competed in the first modern Olympics?

From the 241 participants representing 14 nations in 1896, the Games have grown to 10,500 competitors from 204 countries at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

What are the Olympic games going to be played at Olympics in 2008?

That was last year in Beijing. Google "Beijing Olympics 2008"

What year was the Beijing Olympics held?

The Beijing Olympics were held in the year 2008.

When were the last Olympics?

2008 olympic games in Beijing.The most recent Olympics were in August of 2008, in Beijing, China.

How many athletes did the USA send to the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

USA 645 athletes send to the 2008 Beijing olympics.

Sri lanka in winter Olympics?

As of the 2008 Summer Olympics, Sri Lanka has never participated in the Winter Olympics.

What is Beijing Olympics 2008?

It is the Olympics. Its famous!

Where were the 2008 Olympics?

The 2008 Summer Olympics were held in Beijing, China.

Is Australia in 2008 Beijing Olympics?

yes Australia is in the 2008 Olympics

Was there 2008 Winter Olympics?

No, in 2008 there was Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.