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The Patriots have won five Super Bowl titles.

  1. Super Bowl XXXVI
  2. Super Bowl XXXVIII
  3. Super Bowl XXXIX
  4. Super Bowl XLIX
  5. Super Bowl LI
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Q: How many SB Wins do the Patriots have?
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How many place kickers have 4 or more Super Bowl wins?

As of the 2008 season, one. Adam Vinatieri of the Colts who won three with the Patriots (SBs XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX) and one with the Colts (SB XLI).

How many super bowl wins for the patriots?


SB Wins For Arizona Cardinals?


How many Super Bowls Tom Brady have?

Tom Brady was the winning QB of three SB's. They are SB.XXXVI, SB.XXXVIII, & SB.XXIX. Tom Brady has also lost 2 SB's. Those were SB. XLII and SB. XLVI. So his record in 5 SB's is 3 wins and 2 losses.

Who has the most super bowl wins between the patriots and colts?

The Patriots.

Does TO have a superbowl ring?

No, T.O. does not have a SB ring as of the start the 2010 season. He played in SB XXXlX with the Eagles but the team lost to the Patriots by the score of 24-21.

How many home wins in a row for the New England Patriots right now?


How many Super Bowls for New England Patriots?

They have played in seven with three wins.

Who has beaten the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl?

Chicago Bears (SB XX) 46-10Green Bay Packers (SB XXXI) 35-21New York Giants (SB XLII) 17-14New York Giants (SB XLVI) 21-17

Which Super Bowl was first played in February?

2002 (SB 36) Patriots vs Rams

Who has the most Super Bowl wins out of the colts and patriots?

The New England Patriots

How many patriot super bowl wins?

the patriots won 4 Superbowl games