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Through four weeks of the 2011 season, 16 players from Rutgers have played in at least one game this season ...

LB Gary Brackett (Colts), DB Nate Jones (Dolphins), RB Brian Leonard (Bengals), DL Gayr Gibson (Rams), OG Jeremy Zuttah (Buccaneers), RB Ray Rice (Ravens), DB Joe Porter (Raiders), TE Clark Harris (Bengals), DT Eric Foster (Colts), DL Jamaal Westerman (Jets), DB Jason McCourty (Titans), DB Courtney Greene (Jaguars), WR Kenny Britt (Titans), DB Devin McCourty (Patriots), OT Anthony Davis (49ers).

* Devin McCourty and Jason McCourty are twin brothers.

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Q: How many Rutgers allumni are active players in the NFL and what teams do they play for?
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