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Through the 2008 season, Oklahoma has played in 1 Rose Bowl (2003) and defeated Washington state, 34-14.

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Q: How many Rose Bowl games have Oklahoma won?
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How many BCS bowl games has Oklahoma lost?


How many BCS bowl games has Oklahoma been to?


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How many Rose Bowl games has USC won?


How many times did the Oklahoma Sooners win the Rose Bowl?

The Oklahoma Sooners won the Rose Bowl one time. They won the 2002 Rose Bowl, played on January 1, 2003, by defeating the Washington State Cougars 34-14.

How many BCS bowl games has usc lost?

one - 2005 Rose Bowl vs Texas

How many championships in football does Ohio st have?

Ohio State has won 7 Rose Bowl Games. They have played in 14 Rose Bowls, and a total of 44 Bowl Games.

How many bowl games has bob stoops won?

After Oklahoma defeated Alabama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, Bob Stoops is now 8-7 as a head coach in bowl games.

How many bowl games have the University of Alabama been in?

Alabama has faced Oklahoma five times, three of which have been in bowl games. Oklahoma is 3-1-1 overall, and 1-1-1 in bowl games against Alabama. 1963 Orange Bowl (01/01/63): Alabama 17, Oklahoma 0 1970 Bluebonnet Bowl (12/31/70): Tied at 24 2014 Sugar Bowl (01/02/14): Oklahoma 45, Alabama 31

How many Rose Bowl appearances does LSU have?

Through the 2010 Rose Bowl, 0.

How many bsc bowl games are there?

There are 5. There is the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and the BCS National Championship. There are a total of 35 bowls including the 5 BCS bowls.

How many bowl games has Oklahoma lost with bob stoops as coach?

As of the 2008 season: 1) December 31, 1999 - Mississippi 27, Oklahoma 25 (Independence Bowl) 2) January 4, 2004 - LSU 21, Oklahoma 14 (Sugar Bowl) 3) January 4, 2005 - USC 55, Oklahoma 19 (Orange Bowl) 4) January 1, 2007 - Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42 (Fiesta Bowl) 5) January 2, 2008 - West Virginia 48, Oklahoma 28 (Fiesta Bowl)