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There is no Steelers player who has openly admitted to being homosexual.

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Q: How many Pittsburgh Steelers players are gay?
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What is William Gay's number on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

William Gay is number 22 on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Was there a gay Pittsburgh Steelers player?

No Steelers player, past or present, has ever openly admitted to being homosexual.

Are there any Christian players on the Pittsburgh Steelers team?

Yes. Troy Polamalu is a Christian as well as William Gay and Aaron Smith. The owner of the Steelers is a Christian! Other Christian players have been added to the Steelers' team since the article below was written. Click on the related link for more information.

Who is number 22 on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Steeler that currently wears number 22 is cornerback William Gay.

How many gay nfl players are there?

There are currently no openly gay NFL players.

Who played cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2009?

In 2009, the starting cornerbacks were Ike Taylor and William Gay. The Steelers brought back former starter Bryant McFadden, who will compete against William Gay for the starting job at cornerback in 2010.

Did any players play for the Pittsburgh Steelers two different times?

Yes. Several players who were part of the Steelers team on two different occasions were, Larry Foote (2002-08, 2010-present), William Gay (2007-11, 2013-present), Bryant McFadden (2005-08, 2010-11) and Chad Brown (1993-96, 2006).

How many baseball players are gay?

Currently there are no known players that are out.

How many gay hockey players are in the NHL?

As of now, there are no openly gay hockey players in the NHL. However, in a recent poll of all NHL players, over 80% of them said they believe they have a gay teammate.

How many players can you create in NHL 11?

as many as you want

Is there any gay NFL players?

There are no openly gay NFL players.

What are the names of the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive backs?

Troy Polamalu (SS), William Gay (CB), Ike Taylor (CB), Bryant McFadden (CB), and Ryan Clark (FS).

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