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For 2010 the number of Pac-10 players on NFL rosters is 198 per ESPN

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Q: How many Pac 10 players on 2009 NFL rosters?
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Which NCAA school had the most players on NFL rosters as of 2009?


How many NFL players are named Williams?

On the 2009-2010 NFL final rosters, after pre-season cuts, there are 43 Williams playing in the NFL

How many people on the NFL team?

NFL teams can carry rosters of 53 players.

How many players in the NFL come from the PAC 10?

For 2010 there are 198 players from the Pac-10 on NFL rosters

How many players from Boise State are on NFL rosters in 2010?


How many active NFL players does university of Texas have?

The Universy of Texas, Austin currently has 33 players on NFL rosters.

How many players does an NFL team usually have?

NFL rosters can have 53 players and 46 can dress for any one game.

How many players do the Baltimore Ravens have?

All NFL teams carry 53 players on their rosters.

How many Florida Atlantic players are on NFL rosters?

As of May 29, 2009, there are 2 former Florida Atlantic football players on NFL rosters (i did not include free agents as you requested). They are: Joseph Frantz LB Oakland Raiders Jervonte Jackson DT Philadelphia Eagles

How many players has LSU sent to the NFL?

As of the 2008 season, LSU has had 253 players on NFL rosters. Click on the 'NFL Players from LSU' link below to see a list of those players.

How many pro football players are in the NFL?

1689AnswerThere are 32 teams in the NFL and each team has a 53 player roster meaning there are 1696 players on NFL rosters.

What school has most current NFL players?

For the start of the 2009 NFL regular season LSU & Miami are tied for the most players on NFL rosters with 41 players. current list is at 2011 - Texas has 46

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