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She has been in one Olympics.

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Q: How many Olympics has Gabby Douglas been in?
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If the Olympics were never cancelled how many ancient Olympics games would have been held?

suck it!!

How many years has Shaun White competed in the Olympics?

Shaun White has been is the Olympics for 3 years.

How many Olympics has Usain Bolt been too?


Haw many modern Olympics have been held?

The Modern Olympics trace their roots back to Greece. There have been thirty Summer Olympics and 22 Winter games held during the Modern era.

How many times has gymnastics in the Olympics?

It has been in every summer Olympics since the first modern one in 1896. But it was also an important sport in the ancient Greek Olympics, which happened many times.

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What time did gabby Douglas perform at the Olympics?

She was in multiple events and preformed many different times and days for the

How many times was Gabby Douglas in the Olympics?

she competed at the 2012 olympic. she is going for 2016 aswell. so she has competed once so far

How many medals did gabby Douglas win in the Olympics?

She won 2 Gold Medals in Women's Gymnastics in both the individual and team all-around competitions.

How many medals did gabby Douglas earn?


How many siblings does gabby Douglas have?

she has 3 silblings

How many medals did gabby Douglas win in the 2012 Olympics?

Gabby Douglas has won 3 Olympic Medals.

How many medal did gabby Douglas win?

she won 1

How did Gabby Douglas change the world?

She won gold medals in gymnastics and inspired many kids in the process.

Who were gabby Douglas's friends?

Gabby Douglas has many friends from various walks of life, including fellow gymnasts, athletes from different sports, and individuals she has met through her professional career. Some of her closest friends are likely to be her teammates and competitors from the gymnastics world. Overall, Gabby values friendships that are supportive, positive, and understanding of her lifestyle as an elite athlete.

How does Gabby Douglas train for the competitions?

she trains in a gymnazium with her coach. she goes there many times in a week so she is ready for the competitions

How many Olympics has Natalie Coughlin been to?

She has been to two Olympics, the 2004 Olympics and the 2008 Olympics.

How many Olympics have Valery Adams been in?

I think it is 2 Olympics She has been in