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962 medals including 302 Gold 304 Silver and 356 Bronze when counting each medal won by a team as a single medal.

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Q: How many Olympic medals where given out in London 2012?
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Who is the nation who win the most medals in olympic games in London 2012?

The US won the most medals in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

How many Olympic medals has Israel won in 2012?

Israel hasn't won any Olympic medals in London 2012 Olympic games.

How many Olympic medals did Stephenie rice won in London 2012?

She did not win any medals at the London games

How many medals are there altogether at the London Olympics games?

302 medals were handed out at the London 2012 Olympic Games

How many olympic medals Croatia has won on London 2012?


Who was chosen to design the 2012 London Olympic Medals?

The Olympic medals are designed especially for each individual Olympic Games by the host city's organizing committee.

How many medals did Portugal get in the London 2012 olympic games?

1 silver

How many medals did israel win in the London olympic games?

In 2012 games zero

How many medals did Poland in the 2012 olympic?

Poland left London with a total of 10 Olympic medals (2 gold, 2 silver, and 6 bronze),

Which country has taken highest medals in London Olympic 2012?

USA more medals than any other country

Have Philippines have a medal in London 2012 olympic game?

No they did not win any medals or advance into finals

Which country won the highest number of memdals in London olympic 2012?

USA with 104 medals