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as it stands 48590 women have taken part

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Q: How many Olympic female athletes have represented New Zealand in the Olympic Games?
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Who are women Olympic athletes?

Female athletes who compete in the Olympics.

Who are the 10 most famous Australian olympic female athletes?

rebecca wilson

Role of female athletes in modern olympic games?

road models for new comers

How many people from Lebanon compete in the Olympics2012?

Lebanon will compete in seven individual events and will be represented by ten athletes, of which seven are female athletes

Who are the female athLETES in subway breakfast commercial?

The blond is Nastia Liukin, the Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics from 2008.

Who were New Zealand's second female Olympic gold medallists?

Windsurfer Barbara Kendall,TY XDfrom Orangutan57

Who are the British female athletes?

Judy Johnson, Jocky Amy Johnson, airplane pilot Kelly Holmes, 2004 Olympic gold medalist

Which Countries have no Female Athletes in the Olympics?

I am pretty sure that Saudi Arabia has no female athletes.

When were women allowed to play in the olympics?

The first Olympic Games to include female athletes was the 1900 Olympic games in Paris. Twenty two women competed that year in five sports events.

Why isn't sumo wrestling in Olympics?

Because today any new sport that wants to become an Olympic sport has to have both male and female athletes.

Who was the first female to win an olympic medal for New Zealand?

That was Yvette Williams who won gold in long jump at the 1952 Games in Helsinki.

Who is the female saint of athletes?

There is no female saint of athletes or athletics. St. Sebastian is the patron saint of those. Sorry.

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