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442 matches

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Q: How many ODIs played by Sachin Tendulkar?
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How many sixes has Sachin Tendulkar scored in ODI?

Sachin Tendulkar has scored a total of 195 sixes in 463 ODIs played.

How many runs are scored by sachin tendulkar in ODIs?


How many 100s did sachin tendulkar score totally?

Sachin have scored 99 International 100s.48 in ODIs and 51 in Tests

How many matches did sachin tendulkar played?

how many matches has sachin played

How many One Day Internationals has Sachin Tendulkar played?

Till now Sachin Tendulkar has played 453 One Day Internationals.

Who played cricket many years?

sachin tendulkar

How many ODI matches has sachin tendulkar played?


How many ODI matches did Sachin Tendulkar play?

Sachin Tendulkar played 463 ODI matches and batted in 452 innings with an average of 44.83.

How many innings played Sachin tendulkar in test carrier?


How many centuries Sachin do have?

99 in test and odis.

Sachin tendulkar how many time play cricket world cup?

sachin has played in 6 world cups

How many twenty twenty matches Sachin Tendulkar has played?

sachin tendulkar has played only one twenty-twenty international match.