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2:Brad Daugherty and James Worthy

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Q: How many North Carolina tar heel mens basketball players have been 1 NBA draft picks?
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How do basketball players get drafted?

enter the draft

How many times has North Carolina had two players selected back-to-back in the NBA Draft lottery?


Which college had the most players taken in the NFL 2011 NFL draft?

University of North Carolina and University of Southern California with 9 players each.

When do basketball players get drafted?

The 2016 NBA Draft is on June 23.

How many 1st round NBA draft picks from North Carolina?


Can a college basketball player still go on to college basketball without an NBA draft?

What do you mean by this question? If a college player enters the NBA Draft he can go back to college instead of the draft if he DOES NOT hire an agent. If a college players declares for the draft AND hires an agent he is in no matter what.

How many years was Michael Jordan at North Carolina?

Three. Jordan left North Carolina after his junior year to enter the 1984 NBA draft.

What year did Michel Jordon play for North Carolina?

Michael Jordan played for The university of North Carolina from 1981-1984. He entered the NBA draft after his junior year.

Who was the Lakers' first round pick in the 1993 draft?

George Lynch from the University of North Carolina.

What is basketball draft?

The basketball draft AKA. NBA Draft is taken place every year in Madison Square Garden in New York and each team in order from how bad they were the previous year to how good, they select players from College to play in the NBA. Each team gets 2 picks. Round 1 and Round 2. 60 players are selected.

How many North Carolina state player were drafted in the 2010 NFL draft?

a big fat 0

How many players make the draft?

224 players make the draft plus Compensatory picks.

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