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The Hawkeyes have won 24 national championships overall

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Q: How many Natonal Championships have the Iowa hawkeyes won in all sports?
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How many national championships does Iowa hawkeyes have?


When did the Iowa Hawkeyes win there National Championships?

A couple years ago

What are the Iowa sports teams?

Well, I know that one of them is the hawkeyes.

What are the names of famous sports teams in Iowa?

um... one is the Iowa Hasnoteams. Another is The Iowa Hawkeyes

What are Shawn Johnson's favorite sports teams?

She loves the Iowa Hawkeyes!

When was Iowa Hawkeyes football created?

Iowa Hawkeyes football was created in 1889.

What are some of the well know sports teams in the state if Iowa?

Some of the well-known sports teams in Iowa are Iowa State Cyclones, the Iowa Hawkeyes, Northern Iowa Panthers, the Atlanta Hawks, and the Iowa Barnstormers.

What sport do the Iowa Hawkeyes play?

The Iowa Hawkeyes (University of Iowa) play a wide variety of men's and women's sports. They include, basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, golf, gymnastics, tennis, swimming and diving, soccer, track and field, volleyball, softball, rowing, field hockey and cross country.The Iowa Hawkeyes is the team for the University of Iowa. They play football, but they also play basketball, as well as other sports at the university.

Who won the Iowa State Cyclones vs Iowa Hawkeyes football game in 2010?

Iowa Hawkeyes...I think...& hope

Did the Iowa Hawkeyes play in a bowl game for the 2007 season?

The Iowa Hawkeyes did not play in a bowl game for the 2007 season.

what is iowa's soccer team?

Iowa Hawkeyes :) hope it helps

What is the roster for the 1985 Iowa Hawkeyes football team?

Try this web page:

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