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MSU's football team has won or shared three national championships in 1952, 1965, and 1966. Its men's Basketball team won the NCAA National Championship in 1979 and 2000.
In total, 39 National Championships have been won by Michigan State Varsity and Club teams.

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Q: How many National Championships won by Michigan State University?
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Michigan State has 2 men's basketball national championships and Michigan has 1.

Who had more national football championships Michigan or Michigan State?

The Michigan Wolverines have more National Championships with 11. The Michigan State Spartans have six.

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Who has more national championships Michigan or Michigan State?

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How many National Championships has Michigan State won in football?

Michigan State has 2 consensus national championships in 1952 & 1965. Michigan State has 6 total football national championships as voted on by other services: 1951, 1952, 1955, 1957, 1965 and 1966.

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How many national chapionships has Michigan University won in football?

Michigan University? Do you mean Michigan State University (Spartans) or University of Michigan (Wolverines) ?

What state has the most college football championships?

Alabama. The University of Alabama has 12 National Championships

How many championships does Oklahoma State University have in Division 1?

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