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20 non qb players have scored 100 tds or more. Jerry rice leads all players with 208.

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Q: How many NFL players have scored 100 career touchdowns?
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How many of Reggie Wayne's career receiving touchdowns have been thrown by Peyton Manning?

Reggie Wayne has scored a total of 9825 touchdowns in his career and counting!

How many touch downs did tom brady score in his whole career?

he scored 401 touchdowns and the fourth quarterback to do so

How many University of Oklahoma Men's Basketball players have scored at least 2000 career points?

There have been 5 OU Bball players who have scored at least 2000 points in their career.

How many touchdowns have been scored by ou?

153 touchdowns in 2008-2009

How many touchdowns was scored by the falcons last year?

A total of 43 touchdowns were scored by the Atlana Falcons last year.

How many career touchdowns does Brian Westbrook have?

Through the second game of the 2007 season, Brian Westbrook has scored 38 career regular season TDs and 5 career postseason TDs.

How many touchdowns has Ray Lewis scored in his career?

2, both on interception returns.

How many career touchdowns does Donald Driver have?

59 touchdowns

How many catching touchdowns did Barry Sanders have?

Barry Sanders had 10 receiving TDs in his career. He also had 99 rushing TDs for 109 total career TDs scored.

How many touchdowns does randy moss have?

He has 135 career receiving touchdowns.

How many career touchdowns did Adrian Peterson have in his career?

As of Dec 14th 2009 he has 77 touchdowns from college to the NFL.

How many touchdowns has terrell Owens caught in his career?

139 Touchdowns receiving