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2 conferences AFC and NFC with four divisions in each conference

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Q: How many NFL conferences?
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How many games are in the NFL?

11, 5 in both conferences, plus the superbowl.

How many games are in the NFL playoffs?

11, 5 in both conferences, plus the superbowl.

Why do NCAA football have conferences and not NFL?

The NFL does have conferences -- two of them. The American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFL). The two conference winners play each other in the Super Bowl.

How is the NFL divided?

The NFL is divided into 2 conferences. The 2 conferences are each divided into 4 divisions. NFL AFC NFC North South East West North South East West

How many NFL players are from the Big 12?

That's a stupid question players come from all conferences

What was the conferences the patriots played at?

Since the AFL/NFL merger, the Patriots have always Played in the Amercian Football Conferences' East Division.

What are the two NFL conferences?

The National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

How many conferences are there in football?

11 conferences plus 1 independent

Which NFL teams switched conferences?

seattle seahawks in 2002

How many leagues does the NFL have?

The NFL is one league with two "conferences," the NFC and AFC. Each conference consists of four "divisions" (north, south, east and west), and each division contains four teams.

Have the Cleveland Browns ever won the Super Bowl?

Though the Browns have not won or even played in a Super Bowl (which was implemented in 1970) they have won 4 NFL Championships which was comparable to winning a Super Bowl. They won in 1950, '54, '55 and '64. You see, there were two conferences (NFL & AFL) and the team with the best record in both conferences met for a final game at the end of the season. Then in 1966 the NFL split the two conferences even further by splitting them into two divisions. The divisions had a championship game and then, again, the conferences would have a final championship game. Eventually, this was called the Superbowl after the two conferences merged and was just called the NFL. So, you see, the Browns have won NFL championships but, for those who like semantics, it just wasn't called the "Superbowl" yet.

What are the names of the two conferences in the NFL?

The American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

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