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On Sunday 1/23/11 the packers will go against the beara for the second time last time being in 1941

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Q: How many NFL championship games have the bears and packers played?
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Who has won the most championship games between the bears and packers?

The bears

How many NFC Championship games have the Green Bay Packers played in?


How many times have the bears played the packers?

179 games entering 2011.

How many games have the Chicago Bears played the packers?

The awesome Chicago Bears lead the packers 92-82-6. That means there has been 180 games played between the rival NFC north teams.

How many games did the packers lost to the bears?


Who won the NFL and AFL championship games today?

NFC - The Packers beat the Bears 21-14 and in the AFC - The Steelers beat the Jets 24 to 19 .

When are the AFC NFC Championship games being played in 2011?

For the 2011 YearAFC Championship- Jets Vs Steelers (Jan 23 2011)NFC Championship- Bears Vs Packers (January 23 2011)Pro Bowl- (January 30th 2011)Super Bowl -(February 6th 2011)

Who has returned punts for touchdowns in bears vs. packers games?

devin Hester

Who has won more games green bay packers or Chicago Bears?

the Bears have the most wins out of any team in the NFL.

Which NFL team has lost the most championship games?

Chicago bears From 1933, when the first NFL championship game was played, to 2008, when Super Bowl XLII was played, the team that has lost the most NFL championship games is the New York Giants who have lost 11 NFL championship games (pre Super Bowl) and 1 Super Bowl for a total of 12.

How many NFC championship games have the 49ers played in?

The 49ers have played in 14 nfc championship games, and have a record of 6-8 in those games.

What is the highest score to ever be made in one NFL game?

Packers versus Bears, Sept 18th, 1962 Packer 98, Bears 67 Not only is the above score incorrect, the date is a Tuesday when NO games were played

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