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Q: How many NCAA woman's basketball championships has the uconn huskies won?
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How many national championships has uconn won in basketball?

The UConn men's basketball team has won 2 national championships coming in 1999 and 2004. The UConn women's basketball team has won 6 national championships. The Huskies won the 2009 national championship in April.

What basketball team is called huskies?

The University Of Connecticut (UConn) teams are known as the Huskies.

2004 NCAA men's basketball champion?

UConn Huskies

Who wore number 34 for the uconn huskies basketball team?

Hasheem Thabeet

What type of sports teams does the UConn Huskies have?

UConn Huskies is the common name of the University of Connecticut. This University has many sports teams including football and basketball. UConn also has men's and women's hockey teams, golf, and Lacrosse teams.

Who is Maya Moore?

A famous college basketball player who currently plays for the Uconn huskies

How many championships have uconn womens basketball been in?

u tell me

What is the name of the college basketball team that won the men division last year?

Uconn Huskies

What year did the same school win both NCAA basketball championships?

2004 uconn

What schools have won both mens and womens ncaa basketball championships?

university of Connecticut and University of Maryland

What is the city of UConn Huskies university?

The UConn Huskies are the athletic teams of the University of Connecticut located in Storrs, CT.

How many championships does uconn womens basketball team have?

Uconn women has won 7 championships went 39-0 whole season. They also went 4 season undefeated, and won 78 games in a row.

Which school won the men's and women's NCAA Division 1 basketball championships in the same year?


What mascott does uconn have?

The Huskies

What school has won the most NCAA men's and woman's basketball championships?

Tenn and UCONN are tied at 8...Tenn having 8 in womens and 0 in mens while UCONN has 6 in womens and 2 in mens

Which college basketball team is most popular?

Duke Blue Devils, North Carolina Tar Heels, UConn Huskies, Louisville Cardinals , UCLA Bruins

What division is UConn basketball?

UConn mens and womens basketball play in NCAA Division I.

What is Connecticuts football teams name?

Uconn huskies

What was Ray Allens number in 1996 for the UConn Huskies?


Who won the NCAA mens championship in 2014?

UCONN Huskies

When did Maya Moore start playing for UCONN huskies in Connecticut?


Who is the first super bowl team to go to the white house?

Uconn huskies

In 2002 did the women's UConn basketball team win 40 games?

In 2002, the women's UConn basketball team did win 40 games.

In 2002 did the women's UConn basketball team win 40 games-?

Yes, in 2002 the women's UConn basketball team did win 40 games.

Has any connnecticut sports team won something big?

The UConn Womens basketball team went undefeated 3 years in a row winning the NCAA Championships 4 times.