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1,098 wins 208 losses. 8 NCAA Championships.

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Q: How many NCAA national championships has Pat Summitt won?
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How many ncaa national championships did pat summitt win?

Pat Summitt has won 8 national championships; at this time.. Her contract w/UT is up in 2014.. She probally will be getting a few more in; before she retires. And that won't be any time soon.

Who has the fewest ncaa football national championships?

Many teams have won 0 national championships.

How many NCAA national basketball championships has Sooners won?

They have won zero National Championships in basketball

How many NCAA Mens Basketball Championships has Kansas won?

3 national championships

How many championships do Ohio State have in football?

they have 18 national championships most in ncaa

How many national championships total for all sports has unc chapel hill won?

40 national championships, 38 ncaa national championships

How many total NCAA championships has the University of Texas won?

39 out of their 47 won national championships are NCAA championship wins.

How many NCAA football championships has the University of Nebraska won?

They have won 5 national championships

How many NCAA National Championships does the University of Michigan have?

1. in 1989.

How many ncaa national championships has Missouri football won?


How many total NCAA championships has the university of Kansas won?

Three NCAA championships, but KU also had two national titles back in the twenties, before NCAA.

How many titles does pat summitt have?

7 NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Championships (1987,1989,1991,1996,1997,1998,2007) and an over all record of 977 wins and 182 losses.

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