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1 as the Bullets.

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Q: How many NBA titles have the Washington wizards won?
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How many NBA titles have the wizards won?


Where are the NBA Wizards from?

Washington Washington

What NBA team does john wall play for?

John Wall plays for the Washington Wizards

What team in the nba plays in Washington?

The Washington Wizards

What is the NBA team that plays for Washington?

Washington Wizards

Have the Washington Wizards made it to the NBA Championship?


What is the NBA for Washington?

The Wizards for Washignton DC

Does Virginia have a NBA team?

No, the closest NBA team to Virginia is the Washington Wizards who are based out of Washington DC.

Have the Washington wizards ever win an NBA title?


Who receives a championship ring in the NBA?

the washington wizards

What nba team is Jamal crawford on?

The Washington Wizards

WHO IS The smallest in NBA?

The shortest player in the NBA is Earl Boykins, a player for the Washington wizards