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The Hornets have never won an NBA title.

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Q: How many NBA titles does the hornets have?
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How many NBA titles for the Lakers?


How many NBA titles do the Los Angeles Lakers have?

They have 16 NBA championships.

How many NBA titles have the rockets won?


How many NBA titles have the Los Angeles Lakers won?


What were the the last six nba expansion teams?

hornets , thunder, kings,

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How many NBA titles have new Orleans hornets won?


When was Charlotte Hornets - NBA - created?

Charlotte Hornets - NBA - was created in 1988.

What league to the New Orleans Hornets play in?

The Hornets play in the league of the NBA. I myself is a NBA fan and enjoy watching the Hornets play and many other teams I like. Hope this helped you out.

How many NBA teams are owned by the NBA?

only one. New orleans Hornets

How many titles did Kobe win?

3 NBA titles

How many NBA titles have Houston won?

The Rockets have won two NBA titles (1994, 1995).

How many nba titles has Phil Jackson won?

Phil Jackson has won a total of 11 NBA titles.

How many nba titles Kobe Bryant did?

He won 4 nba titles. 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009

What is the smallest NBA stadium?

The Smallest NBA Stadium is New Orleans arena, home of the Hornets.

What American sport team is called hornets?

In the NBA, the New Orleans Hornets.

How many NBA titles did Kobe Bryant win?

He won 4 nba titles. 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009

How many nba titles do the Memphis have?