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There is a team in the NBA called the Hornets that plays in New Orleans.

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Q: Are the hornets a basketball team?
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Why are the hornets called the hornets?

The Hornets basketball team originated in Charlotte, North Carolina. The team was named after a quote by General Cornwallis to the effect that the people of Charlotte were fierce like hornets.

Name of New Orleans pro basketball team?


Who is Louisiana's NBA basketball team?

That would be the New Orleans Hornets.

What sports or sports team name starts with the letter H?

hornets a basketball team from the nba

What basketball team was the first major league sports team to be named for an insect?

The Charlotte hornets

Who is the point guard for the New Orleans Hornets Basketball team?

Chris Paul

Does Louisiana have a basketball team?

NBA- New Orleans Hornets NCAA- LC and LSU

What basketball team does frank kaminskey play for?

Frank Kaminsky plays for the Charlotte Hornets

Does justin bieber like new orleans hornets basketball team?

Justin Bieber hasn't made any public statements on whether he does or doesn't like the New Orleans Hornets. His favorite basketball team is the LA Lakers.

Where did the Charlotte bobcats come from?

The Charlotte Bobcats is an old name of the Charlotte Hornets. The Charlotte Hornets is a professional basketball team in North Carolina.

Who is the best point guard on the New Orleans Hornets and the Denver Nuggets basketball team?

On the New Orleans Hornets, Chris Paul. On the Denver Nuggets, Chauncey Billups.

What sports teams does New Orleans have?

The New Orleans Saints is a team in the National Football League. The New Orleans Hornets is a team in the National Basketball Association.

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