How many NASCAR race tracks are there?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Currently there are 28 active tracks used in Nascar's top three series. Click on the link below to see all the current tracks.

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Q: How many NASCAR race tracks are there?
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How many NASCAR race tracks do not have lights?


How many Nascar Sprint Cup Series tracks are there?

Currently, there are 23 race tracks in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

How many tracks does the Nascar Sprint Cup Series go to a year?

The Nascar Sprint Cup Series travels to 23 different race tracks during the season.

How many NASCAR tracks are their around the world?

In Nascar's top three series, there is a total of 28 race tracks, located throughout the United States and Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

How many people attend a Nascar race in a given year?

In a year, millions. This includes all tracks.

What is the work environment of a NASCAR driver?

Race tracks, garages, and home.

How many NASCAR race tracks have lights?

The following NASCAR tracks have lights circa 2013 - Daytona Phoenix Las Vegas Atlanta Darlington Bristol Texas Fontana Richmond Charlotte Kentucky

What is the fastest NASCAR race track?

Texas Motor Speedway, it has the highest average speed of all NASCAR tracks.

How many laps are in a NASCAR race?

The number of laps in a NASCAR race varies depending on the size of the track, and the distance raced. It will usually say something about it in the name of the race. For example, the Daytona 500 is 500 miles. They race 200 laps. Click on the link below for more information on different Nascar tracks.

Do the same officials attend all of the Nascar Sprint Cup races and do the race tracks pay for their services?

Most of the officials attend every race. Like any job from time to time someone will not be able to work a race. The tracks do not pay them, they are payed by NASCAR.

What was NASCAR like in the 1950's?

They used to race on dirt tracks, and they had bad cars.

Why are there 43 cars in a NASCAR race?

There were 43 cars in a NASCAR race so that there could be just enough action on the field. However, not all tracks have 43 cars anymore.