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Additional sThe Braves were in Milwaukee at one time.

Not counting the oldest incarnations (such as the Tribe used to be the Cleveland Spiders long LONG ago):

There's 30 teams now.

Add in the following: The Brooklyn Dodgers The Boston Braves The Washington Senators The NY Giants, I think. The Philly Athletics.

Those are all the ones I can think of. That's 35 so far.

I can't say exactly how many teams there have been in MLB history,but the number would be considerably more than 35.Teams have come and gone that played in the same city but have been completely different franchises.For example,the Cleveland Spiders and the Cleveland Indians.The Spiders played in the National League in the 1890's and were dropped by the league before the 1898 season. The Indians were formed in the American League in 1901.Same city, different teams. Only taking in to account professional baseball from 1871 and the formation of the National Association,other Major Leagues such as the American Association of the 1880's and 90's,the Federal League of 1914-15 and the current National League (1876) and American League (1901), dozens of teams perhaps numbering a hundred or more have come and gone from the major leagues.

tere was the st. lous browns i beleive

Of course there are those that have simply upped and moved, so it depends on your definition of how many, but the complete list of differently named franchises since 1871 would total 120 according to Lahman:

Altoona Mountain City

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Arizona Diamondbacks

Philadelphia Athletics

Atlanta Braves

Baltimore Orioles

Buffalo Bisons

Buffalo Bisons

Baltimore Canaries

Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Terrapins

Baltimore Monumentals

Boston Red Stockings

Boston Red Sox

Brooklyn Atlantics

Boston Reds

Brooklyn Gladiators

Boston Reds

Brooklyn Tip-Tops

Buffalo Bisons

Brooklyn Ward's Wonders

Columbus Buckeyes

Cleveland Blues

Philadelphia Centennials

Cleveland Forest Citys

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Whales

Chicago Pirates

Chicago White Sox

Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Kelly's Killers

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Infants

Columbus Solons

Cleveland Spiders

Chicago White Stockings

Cincinnati Reds

Colorado Rockies

Cincinnati Outlaw Reds

Chicago/Pittsburgh (Union League)

Detroit Tigers

Detroit Wolverines

Brooklyn Eckfords

Florida Marlins

Hartford Dark Blues

Hartford Dark Blues

Houston Astros

Indianapolis Blues

Indianapolis Hoosiers

Indianapolis Hoosiers

Kansas City Cowboys

Kansas City Cowboys

Kansas City Packers

Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Cowboys

Fort Wayne Kekiongas

Los Angeles Dodgers

Louisville Grays

Louisville Colonels

Middletown Mansfields

Baltimore Marylands

Milwaukee Brewers

Minnesota Twins

Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Grays

Milwaukee Brewers

Washington Nationals

Newark Pepper

New Haven Elm Citys

New York Mutuals

New York Giants

New York Mets

New York Metropolitans

New York Mutuals

New York Yankees

Oakland Athletics

Washington Olympics

Pittsburgh Burghers

Pittsburgh Rebels

Philadelphia Athletics

Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Keystones

Philadelphia Athletics

Pittsburgh Pirates

Philadelphia Athletics

Providence Grays

Philadelphia White Stockings

Elizabeth Resolutes

Richmond Virginians

Rochester Broncos

Rockford Forest Citys

St. Louis Brown Stockings

San Diego Padres

Seattle Mariners

San Francisco Giants

St. Louis Terriers

St. Louis Maroons

St. Louis Red Stockings

St. Louis Brown Stockings

St. Louis Cardinals

St. Paul Apostles

Syracuse Stars

Syracuse Stars

Tampa Bay Rays

Texas Rangers

Toledo Maumees

Toledo Blue Stockings

Toronto Blue Jays

Troy Haymakers

Troy Trojans

Washington Senators

Washington Blue Legs

Keokuk Westerns

Wilmington Quicksteps

Washington Nationals

Washington Nationals

Washington Nationals

Worcester Ruby Legs

Washington Nationals

Washington Statesmen

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Q: How many Major League baseball teams have there been?
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How many Major League Baseball teams are there in the NL?

Since the 2013 season, when the Houston Astros moved from the National League to the American league, there have been 15 teams in each circuit.

How many Major League Baseball games have there been in the history of Major League Baseball?


How many major league basaball teams are there?

Thirty. Since 2013, there have been 15 teams in the National League and 15 in the American League.

Has a major league baseball team ever forfeited a game in which it is losing badly?

Yes, a major league baseball team has been forced to forfeit a game when it is losing badly. There have also been teams that have been forced to forfeit due to a crowd that was too rowdy.

Has there been female Major League baseball players?

No there has never been a female Major League player.

What Major League Baseball teams never in World Series?

The Washington Nationals and the Seattle Mariners are the only two active MLB teams that have never been in the World Series.

How many females have played Major League Baseball?

None, there has never been a female player in Major League baseball.

What number is the only number retired from all major league baseball teams?

By order of the Commissioner of Baseball, number 42, Jackie Robinson's number with the Dodgers, has been retired from all Major League teams, although players who wore "42" prior to the Commissioner's order have the option of continuing to wear that number.

What teams did Jackie Robinson own?

He was the first African American to play on a major league team. He would not have been allowed to own a baseball team.

When will Alex Rodriguez play in the major league?

He has been playing major league baseball for 20 years?

What were the first teams in Major League Baseball?

The first league that is now considered a "major" league was the "National League," founded in 1876. The "National Association" that operated between 1871 and 1875 is not considered by a majority of historians to have been "major," although it did consist of the best teams of its time. The problem is that the "league" had no central authority on scheduling, location of teams, or even rules -- it was more like a group of teams that would play exhibition games whenever it suited their fancy. The original teams of the NL were located in the cities of Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford, New York, Saint Louis, Cincinati, and Louisville.

What was the first African American woman to play major league baseball?

There has never been a woman, African-American or otherwise, to play Major League baseball.

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