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There are over 2500 GAA clubs in Ireland and many others overseas.

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Q: How many GAA clubs are there in Ireland?
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Which county in Ireland has the most GAA clubs?


How many GAA clubs in Kildare?

There are 56 GAA clubs in Kildare.

How many GAA clubs are there in Kerry?

There are about 73 GAA clubs in Kerry.

Which Co in Ireland has the second most GAA clubs?


How many GAA clubs in fermanagh?

There are 22 GAA clubs in County Fermanagh.

Names of all GAA clubs in Ireland?

There are over 2,500 GAA clubs in Ireland, so it would be difficult to give you the full listing. If you go to the GAA site, the link to which is below, you can find lists of county websites and find the various clubs in those counties.

Name the GAA clubs in the world?

That would be an impossible task. There are over 2500 clubs in Ireland alone, and hundreds more overseas. Consult the GAA website below:

How Many GAA County Clubs Are There?

If you mean individual clubs, there are about 2500 GAA clubs in Ireland alone, and others outside Ireland. The county teams are not clubs. Each of the 32 counties has teams in Hurling and Football and at different age grades. A number of groups outside of Ireland are given county status, with the main two being New York and London, both of whom participate in All-Ireland competitions.

What is meant by grassroots provision?

Helping the lowest levels of the GAA in terms of the clubs and their facilities. This is the base of the GAA. The network of clubs, over 2500 in Ireland alone, are where the GAA derives its strength. It is built on the clubs. They are the root of the organisation. The ordinary people that run these are what make the GAA what it is, so it is important to support them. So a lot of investment goes into the clubs to help them as they are the grassroots of the GAA. Without the clubs the GAA would not exist, so money earned within the GAA is needed to keep them going.

How many GAA clubs in Dublin?

About 95.

How many GAA clubs in county monaghan?

30 football clubs

Do you have to be Irish to join a GAA?

No. GAA clubs welcome all members of any nationality. The GAA is an Irish organisation and it is found around the world where there are large groups of Irish people, so members are mostly Irish, but there are many members that are not from Ireland.

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