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Renault F1 is the Renault company's Formula One racing team. Renault has a long if intermittent history of involvement in motor racing, including Ferenc Szisz winning the first French Grand Prix, usually regarded as marking the birth of Grand Prix motor racing. Renault has competed in Formula One (originally via subsidiary Renault Sport), both as an engine supplier and as a constructor from the late 1970s to the present day, with several breaks.

Although the Renault team won races and competed for world titles, it was as a supplier of normally aspirated engines to the Benetton and Williams teams in the 1990s that Renault first tasted world championship success. Renault returned to the category as a constructor in 2001 by taking over the Benetton team, which was renamed Renault in 2002. Their first championship as a constructor was achieved in 2005; the same year that they won their first drivers' championship with former test driver, Fernando Alonso, repeating that feat in 2006.

They have won a total of 35 races

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Q: How many Formula 1 race has Renault von as a engine supplier?
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How many engines did Renault supply for the Formula 1 team?

In the past many years, Renault has been an engine supplier for many F1 teams and hence they would've supplied hundreds of Engines till date. In the 2013 season, Renault is the engine supplier for 4 teams - Red Bull, Lotus, Caterham and Williams. Each team has two cars. Each team gets 8 engine per car which means Renault is supplying 64 engines this season.

What year was the Renault R31 designed for Formula One Racing?

The year that the Renault R31 was designed for Formula One Racing was 2007. It became a very popular design that used in many different races and worked very well.

How many cylinders does the engine of the Renault Clio have?

The Renault Clio with the 1.2 liter engine has a total of four cylinders. A four cylinder engine is utilized to maximize not only fuel efficiency, but moderate power while minimizing fuel economy loss.

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How many cylinders are there in a Formula 1 engine?

Now these are V8

How many valves does a 1149cc Renault clio have?

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Who owns formula one?

If you truly had to single out the owners, one would have to look at Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile). Ecclestone has been the eccentric ringleader of Formula 1 for years, and the FIA "manages" international motorsport. If you're thinking that the tracks own the race, you would be a tad confused. Basically, the track's sanctioning bodies "rent" the services of Formula 1. Certain countries (Dubai; Sepang, Malaysia, what have you), fork over the majority of their yearly budgets to meet the demands of the FIA and Formula 1. Thier countries go for one huge event that will absolutely make money instead of many events spread throughout the year.

How many cams does the Renault scenic have?

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How many constructor championship did Renault win in the formula 1 career?

The Renault F1 Team won a total of 2 constructors championships in their F1 history. They won the constructors title in the years 2005 and 2006. They also won the drivers championship which was won by Fernando Alonso. Those two years can be considered the golden years of the Renault F1 team because they were extremely dominant and Alonso was just unbeatable.

Does anyone know any formula 1 engineers?

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