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Q: How many Division 1 basketball teams have two or less NCAA wins?
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What is the difference between division 1 and division 2 basketball?

Division 1 is the harder more competetive league with better teams. If this is your first time in aau go division 2 because its still difficult but less than division 1

What percentage of NCAA basketball players make NBA teams?

It is far less than 1%. There are roughly 900 teams in college basketball, with an average of about 12-13 players per team, not included inactive players, which means over 10,000 players per year. There are roughly 360 active NBA players. The NBA is for the truly elite.

Why are there 64 teams in the NCAA tournament?

There are 68 teams in the tournament. It used to be 64 (actually, there were times that it was less), however a new automatic bid from the Mountain West conference forced the NCAA to make it 65. It was expanded in the 2011 tornament to 68 teams to allow some "bubble teams" to qualify, who would not of in the 65 team system.

Do Mexico teams play basketball?

Yes. Although it is much less known than Mexican football (soccer), basketball is one of the most popular sports in Mexico, especially among youngsters. There is even a national basketball league, which includes 16 teams.

When is there 163 games in a baseball season?

When, after 162 games, two teams are tied for the division lead, or for the wildcard spot, those two teams, and only those two teams, play a one-game "playoff" to determine which team wins the division or the wildcard spot. It happens less often than you might think.

How many players does one basketball team contain?

At LEAST 5 players on a normal basketball team, but in the NCAA are 12 on a team. An NBA team can have not less than 10 or more than 15 players, but only 12 can dress for a game.

Can NFL team have a losing record and make the playoff?

Yes. Six teams from each conference make the playoffs, the four division winners and the two teams with the best won/loss record that did not win their division. If a division winner's record is less than .500 they still make the playoffs. If the record of one of the two teams with the best record that did not win their division is less than .500, they still make the playoffs. Only three teams with losing records have ever made the NFL playoffs: The Browns and Lions both entered the 1982 playoffs with 4-5 records. (The season was shortened by a players' strike.) In 2010 the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record, becoming the first NFL team to make the playoffs with a losing record in a full season.

Why are basketball teams called seeds?

Basketball teams are ranked according to their performance records during the season. When the final tournament schedule is initially set up, the teams are 'planted' into the schedule with their rankings in mind, which predict the final outcome of the tournament. The tournament schedule is arranged so that teams with higher rankings won't meet up until later in the schedule. So, if the tournament turns out as predicted, the teams will finish according to their initial rankings. For example, a No1 'seed' has a high probability of winning the tournament, while a #11 'seed' is less likely to finish in the top five.

What has less injuries football or basketball?


What college program has the most titles in all sports?

The answer to this question is tricky. There are several different 'titles' that have been won since universities began competing in sports. There are NCAA titles which go back several decades (sorry, I do not know the history of the NCAA, but they have a website: The NCAA gives out 'titles' to teams and to individuals. There have been other institutions before the NCAA that gave out 'titles' to universities. The only definitive answer that I know of, is based on NCAA team titles. UCLA has won 104 team titles with Stanford and USC in second and third with fifteen-to-twenty less team titles.

Does the team with the most overall divisional wins in there division win the division even if they have less total wins than another team in there division?

In the national football league, the team with the most wins overall wins In major league baseball, the team with the most wins overall wins In the national basketball association, the top three teams from each division get the top 3 seeds, then the following best records get into the playoffs in order of wins. In college football, the team with the most DIVISIONAL technically wins, although they play the team in their division with the second most divisional wins in a "championship game". Although it should be stated that they are call conferences i.e. Pac 10 Conference, Big 10 Conference

Why are there more male basketball team than females teams?

nba has been around for many many years... while wnba has only been around for 10 or so.... wnba hasn't gained as much popularity as oppose 2 nba.. therefore at this time wnba has less teams.

Is college basketball better than overseas basketball?

Ultimately, it depends on your taste. College basketball brings out nationalism from each college, with the fans more raucous than any other professional team. The rivalries are present in each division, and when the rivals come to town, the games get very intense. The teams treat each game as though the season is on the line, and thus give 100% every game. They are also younger and more eager to play. Overseas, these guys are professionals. They have (for the most part) been to college and understand the game. The games will be less sloppy (fewer turnovers) with players having a a greater sense of how to play. Fantastic passes and alley-oops will be present, along with a tenacity synonymous with the international teams.

What are basketballs made of?

They are made of leather or composite leather. The composite leather balls are less expensive. The NBA Official Game Ball is a Top Grain Leather Basketball. The Wilson NCAA Official Game Ball is covered in moisture wicking composite leather.

What is the lowest combined half time score in NCAA championship game?

ncaa final four sagarin green SOS baby ncaa gear ncaa track and field rankings ncaa track signing dates ea ncaa football 2005 recruitingworst halftime show ever ? - Message Boards13 Feb 2010 UConn's 64-game winning streak is the second longest in NCAA .... The Huskies lowest halftime scorecame against West Virginia on Feb.Georgia's ever -growing deficit in turnovers reflects nation'sWhen Pitt posted a 45-0 lead by halftime , they ran the ball up the .... The worst team ever in college football history somehow managed to give The NESCAC is most likely the lowest level of competition in college football in the country. To be that bad for that long as a fully funded major NCAA Division I-AJamelle Horne Might Have the Lowest Basketball IQ Ever -- NCAABBHalftime wagering is simply a wager only on the score of the first, Ties on a three or more team teaser shall revert to the next lowest betting bracket.Bet College Football Final Four Odds - How To Bet NCAAFootball Online6 Mar 2010 The Tigers went into the break down five, their largest halftime deficit its lowest percentage since the first time these two teams met.NCAA March Madness 2008 - Brackets - Championship - SchedulesLevel:Rookie Since:Jan 6, 2010. February 9, 2010 11:45 am. Score : 33 .... Lil Wayne would be one of the lowest rated halftime shows since the haltime showDivision II Championship Post-Game Press Conference - NCAA .comWhat is the lowest final score of a college basketball game at halftime ? What was the lowest NCAA mens basketball score at halftime in the tourney?Gameday Central: Iona And Bulls Meet For Just Second Time EverEven a low -scoring football game. Not the halftime score of a Division I women's with the 2001 Radford and Liberty game for the lowest NCAA halftime point- total. only 44 points for the win-UCLA's fewest ever in a winning - Greatest 63 games in NCAA Tournament history24 May 2009 The seven combined goals at halftime marked the third- lowest total in second time this season when it failed to score in the second quarter. Ever since that first game, we were able to get all six guys working onMarch Madness Halftime ScoresThe game is at half - time now. ... Yesterday, 10:59pm | in Basketball on TV tonight Michigan State is currently playing UConn, score is 38-36 at the half. What is the lowest scoring basketball game ever recorded December 15,Basketball NCAA game - Topic | ChaCha AnswersThis season has seen three teams score 46 or less against the Bulls. The previous low half was the last halfUSF played, the second against High Point 12 the signing of guards Jordan Dumars and Shaun Noriega to NCAA Letters ofUtah Utesbasketball: Air Force gets put through grinder | Deseret News25 Mar 2002 The lead changed hands 31 times and the scorewas tied on 21 occasions. .... and the lowest scorefor a Bruins team in a regulation game in more than 55 years. .... blew a seven-point, halftime lead and lost to eventual national the only individual ever to scoreat least 45 points in the NCAANcaa Lowest Half - time Scores EverInstead, the Tigers went into halftime with a 30-point lead. remaining in the bonus period pulled the Toreros ahead for their first- ever tournament victory, This was the lowest score in the first round in tournament history,The Who scores with Super Bowl halftime show - NYPOST.comWhat is the lowest score ever in an NCAA division 1 basketball game Pitt holds New Hampshire to an NCAA record -tying seven first half scored 11 pointsNcaa Records Lowest Scoring GameIsn't this the same program that is 11-29 in NCAATournament games? Um... have you ever thought that those drives are a result of Air Force's offense? Falcons while holding Air Force to their lowest point total of the season. ..... When I checked the half - time score I thought I had tuned into a Junior JazzJackets roll as UNC has lowest score ever under WilliamsCollege Basketball Scores - Live NCAA Basketball Scores at Vegas That's the halftime score . Twenty-one is also the largest- ever halftime lead in This was the lowest score in the first round in tournament history, .

What percentage of high school basketball players play college ball and what percentage of college players go on to professional ball?

way less than football because football teams have more players on one team. Basketball has usually 9 to 15 players compared to 53 players on a football team.

Why does a softball weigh less than a basketball?

Strictly a matter of which possesses the greater mass. If the softball has less mass than a basketball, it must weigh less.

What are the odds of a college basketball player making the NBA someday?

AnswerFigure somewhere around 6,000 division I basketball players play any given year, and 30-60 open roster spots acorss the NBA each year. That would mean the chances of a division I player going pro is less than 1%. To be exact, 0.005% - 0.01%.

What are leather basketballs made of?

They are made of leather or composite leather. The composite leather balls are less expensive. The NBA Official Game Ball is a Top Grain Leather basketball. The Wilson NCAA Official Game Ball is covered in moisture wicking composite leather.

Is it true that if boys and girls were on the same sports teams there would be less teams?


Why is women's basketball less popular than men's basketball?

Mens basketball is more poular because they have more exciting things. Like dunking and fights and people getting tachnicals. Womens basketball has none of that. IN womens basketball only one person dunks and she doesn't do it all the time. that's why womens basketball is less popular than mens.Answeri think men's basketball is more popular because their sport has been around longer than women's. men's basketball was invented first Women started playing basketball one year after basketball was invented. So the above answer really has no meaning in the equation.AnswerPeople want to see the best athletes play and the bottom line is that men who are good enough to compete in the NBA or NCAA are better than their female counterparts. Personally, I think Women's college basketball can be interesting when you have top teams like Tennessee and UCONN squaring off, but it's a fact that male basketball players are better. Case in point: A few years ago I read a Sports Illustrated article about how Pat Summit's Tennessee Volunteers play against a practice squad of male students. Obviously, these guys are talented, but they aren't good enough to make the men's team and yet they're good enough to beat some of the best women.

What sport does Barack Obama like?

Basketball seems to be his favorite. He played high school ball and still plays pick-up games. He is a fan of basketball and has expressed an interest in watching football. I think he is less interested in baseball, but he does the invite the championship teams to the White House. He also plays golf on occasion with member of Congress.

What is so popular about men basketball that is less popular than women basketball?


What percentage of high school basketball players play college or pro basketball?

According to the NCAA here are the stats:Men's BasketballLess than one in 35, or approximately 3.1 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic basketball will go on to play men's basketball at a NCAA member institution.About one in 75, or approximately 1.2 percent of NCAA male senior basketball players will get drafted by a National Basketball Association (NBA) team.Three in 10,000, or approximately 0.03 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic basketball will eventually be drafted by an NBA team.These numbers relate to high school seniors, so if you estimate that seniors are 40% of the average high school team, then the percentage of players on the team to make it to the next lower are even lower:High school to College3.1% of Seniors1.1% of Varsity PlayersCollege to pros 1.2%High school to Ppros0.038% of Seniors0.015% of Varsity Players

What does it mean when for children's sports to be less?

less childrens sports like less teams and stuff