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Arsenal has 13 league titles and Arsenal has 4 league titles.

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Q: How many Barclay's league titles do Arsenal and Chelsea have?
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How many league titles do arsenal and Chelsea have?

Arsenal won 3 chelsea won 4

Who is the biggest club arsenal or Chelsea?

arsenal-becouse have more titles

How many title have arsenal won?

13 League Titles (3 of them in the Barclays Premier league) 10 FA-cups 2 League cup 1 European Cup

What are the names of famous footballers in England?

Liverpool have 18 league titles Manchester United have 19 league titles. Arsenal have 13 titles Chelsea have 4 titles

How many titles has arsenal?

Arsenal have won the E.P.L.three timers.

Who have won the champions league titles?


How many times have each team won the premier league?

Of the 45 clubs to have competed since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, five have won the title: Manchester United (12 titles), Arsenal (3 titles), Chelsea (3 titles), Blackburn Rovers (1 title) Manchester City (1 title)

Which English club has many premiership titles?

Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Blackburn Rovers These are the only 4 teams to have won the FA Premier League with Manchester United taking the most titles since the Premier League was formed in the 90's you have forgot Liverpool

How many honours have Chelsea won?

Chelsea have won four premier league titles, two second division titles, seven FA cups, four community shields, and one UEFA champions league titles.

How many Premier League titles has Robert Huth won?

2, he won the 2005 and 2006 Premier League titles with Chelsea.

How many UEFA champions league titles has Chelsea won?


How many league titles does everton hold?

Everton have 9 League titles, which is the fourth best in England behind, Liverpool, Man United and Arsenal.