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Q: How many BCS championchips did the Miami Hurricanes win?
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Who won the 2002 BCS championship?

The Miami Hurricanes defeated Nebraska in the BCS championship on January 3rd, 2002. Note that this was the championship of the 2001 season. The champions of the 2002 season were the Ohio State Buckeyes, who defeated Miami in the 2003 BCS championship.

How many bcs championships have the hurricanes won?

Only 1, defeating Nebraska in the 2002 Rose Bowl.

Who was the 1998 BCS ncaa football champion?


What was the score of the 2002 national championship?

Not a very specific question: Men's Basketball - Maryland over Indiana 64-52 Women's Basketball - UConn over Oklahoma 82-70 college football gets a little confusing 2001 BCS championship (played in 2002) University of Miami Hurricanes over Nebraska Huskers 37-14 2002 BCS championship (played in 2003) The Ohio State University Buckeyes over University of Miami Hurricanes 31-24 (double Overtime)

How many BCS Championships have LSU won?

2 bcs championships

How many BCS championships do the Florida gators have?

2 BCS national championships. 2006 and 2008. Not 1996 because the BCS had not been started

How many BCS championships does The Tennessee vols have?

The bcs has only been around since 98 Tennessee won the first bcs championship

What schools has won the BCS national champions?

Alabama, Florida, LSU,FLState, Miami, Ohio state, ND,Nebraska,

How many marks are required in HSC to get admission for BCS?

To get admission for BCS 60 PERSENTAGE required in hsc.

How many BCS championships has ou won?

Oklahoma won 1 BCS National Title (2000).

How many BCs were there?

6 thousand at least.

How Many BCS Championships does Minnesota have?


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