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Q: How many Australian women played in the 1996 olympic softball team?
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How much do the Olympic softball players get paid?

Olympic sportsmen/women are amateurs they do not receive payment.

Is softball played in the Olympics?

Yes, it's played in the Olympics and in fact it's the only sport that doesn't have a boys division, it's only women softball. Unfortunately, a move was done to remove softball from the Olympic games starting in the 2012 Olympics. There have been efforts to help bring back softball.

The first softball team to win an olympic medal?

Softball was introduced as an Olympic medal sport for women in 1996. The United States won the gold medal at those Olympic Games held in Atlanta. As of now, softball is scheduled to be discontinued as an Olympic sport after the 2008 Games in Beijing.

In the olympic's women's softball how far is the pitcher's mound from home plate?

43 feet

Why do women play softball and not baseball?

it is a proven fact by jennie finch a USA olympic player that softball is harder to play than baseball.

Who played softball first men or women?


How long did it take for women to have the privilige to play softball?

Softball was invented in 1887 but everybody played it. Not until later did mostly women play baseball and men can play softball too.

What sports are played by both men and women?

soccer, softball, baseball, dance

What size softball is used for ASA or USSSA women's fastpitch softball?

11" circumference for women's slow pitch softball.

When did women begin playing softball?

for entertainment, and because the men who played baseball were away at war.

Who wears number 25 for women's softball jersey?

In the 2012 NPF season, Rachel Folden on the Carolina Diamonds and Michelle Moses on the Chicago Bandits. I have never found a #25 on the Olympic team. 2012's USA women's national softball team has Lauren Gibson as #25.

What is Australian women's olympic soccer team called?

The men's team is called the Kookaburras. The women's team is called the Hockeyroos.