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32 million. Many Americans play pool and most do not participate in any assocaition or league play. For league play, the American Poolplayers Association (APA) has 265,000 players that play in leagues today. There are many other leagues throughout the US, but the APA is the largest.

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2012-09-13 22:53:20
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Q: How many Americans play pool or billiards?
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Did the Apache play billiards?

The Apache did not play billiards or pool prior to 1900. Since that time, it is unknown how many Apache have played pool or billiards.

What do you call a place where people play billiards?

People play billiards at billiards parlors, pool halls, bars, taverns, and pubs.

What games can you play with a pool table?

You can play spots and stripes, pool, reds and yellows, billiards, snooker

What can you do on a pool table?

You can play the many versions of billiards, classic twelve-ball, nine-ball, etc.

What are most popular countries to play billiards pool and snooker?

Billiards is not common anymore (this refers to English Billiards and Carom Billiards, such as Three Cushion), but Pocket Billiards, or Pool, is very popular in many countries, most notably the US, and Snooker is very popular in UK. These are also popular in Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Ireland, and less so in many other countries.

What is a good book to use to learn the rules and techniques of billiards?

There are many very good books on how to learn billiards. Two of these are The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pool and Billiards and The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards.

How big is billiards?

Very big. Billiards and the pocket billiards games have many millions of players worldwide and in many countries. In the US alone, there are over 32 million pool and billiards players. With tournaments, leagues, pool halls and the equipment it is a many billion dollar industry.

What are the differences between pool and billiards?

The terms pool and billiards may or may not refer to the same game. Pocket billiards is usually referred to as pool, and covers many different games, the most common being straight pool, 8 ball, and 9 ball. English Billiards is never referred to as pool, and uses only 3 balls. Snooker is never referred to as pool or billiards, but is a form of billiards, and uses special table markings and 22 balls.

Where do you find places to play pool or billiards in Vancouver BC?

There are many places to choose from in Vancouver that can be located online or from a telephone book.

What are the basic rules of pool table billiards?

There are several general rule's one must follow when playing billiards. These rules pertain to the topics of players, equipment, fouls, and game play. To find a full list of general billiards rules, go online to Generation Pool.

What is another word for pool?


How many striped balls are in the game of pool?

There are seven striped balls in billiards.

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