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Q: How many African American women have won gold medals?
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What African American woman to won 3 gold medals?

Who were the first three African American women to win medals in Olympic games?

What percentage of American Gold medals were won by African Americans during the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

22 of 110 which is 20% of all medals. 8 of the 36 gold ( i include women and men basketball in these 8 medals)

Who was the African American who won the most gold medals in the Olympics?

Jackie Joyner

Who was the first black woman to win 4 gold medals?

Wilma Rudolph was the very first African American to win four gold medals.

What African American athlete won 4 gold medals in 1936?

Jesse Owens

What obstacles did Wilma Rudolph have to overcome in order to win 3 gold medals in 1960 Olympics?

she had to prove that african-american women could accomplish just as much as white women.

Who was the black African person that won four gold medals in 1936 olympic games?

The black African American to win four gold medals in the 1936 olympic games was the great Jesse Owens.

Who was the brilliant American sprinter who won four gold medals the 1936 Olympics at Berlin?

Jesse Owens was the African-American sprinter who won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

1st African American to win 4 gold medals at one Olympics?

Jesse Owens

Who was Wilma RUDOLPHN?

She was an African-american who was a sprinter who won 3 gold medals in the Olympics in 1960

Who was the first African American to win gold medals in the Olympics?

History is made everyday. In 1908 John Baxter Taylor was the first African American to earn a gold medal in the Olympics.

Which African American athlete won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics in 1936?

Jesse Owens

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