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12inches x 3feetx 120 yards = 4320 inches long

12inchesx160feet = 1920 inches wide.

4320x1920 = 8294400 square inches

3*5= 15 square inches

829440/15 = 552,960 index cards.

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Q: How many 3x5 note cards would it take to fully cover a football field including the end zones?
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What is the difference between an acre and football field?

An acre is slightly smaller than a football field. A football field, including the end zones, is about 1.32 acres. An acre is 4,480 square yards while a football field, including end zones is 6,408 square yards.

Is a football field 270 feet long?

a football field is 260 feet long. No, a football field is 360 feet long including the end zones.

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On a football (Soccer) field, there are twenty-two players; eleven on each team (Including the goalkeeper).

How many m n m's does it take to cover a football field?

OVER 9000!

How long is an American football field in yards?

120 yards including the endzones

How many feet to a football field?

the playing field is 300 feetbut including the end zones it is 360 feet

How many football fields are in a acre?

The standard American football field is 160 feet wide. Including both end zones, it is 360 feet long. To obtain the area of the field in square feet, multiply those numbers to get 57,600. Then divide that figure by the number of square feet in an acre (43,560) to find out how many acres are in a football field. The answer is: There are 1.322 acres in a standard American football field (including both end zones). If you want to exclude the end zones, the answer is 1.102.

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The answer is: There are about 1.32 acres in a standard American football field (including both end zones). If you want to exclude the end zones, the answer is about 1.1 acres.