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Q: How many 30 point-30 rebound games does w chamberlain have?
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How many thirty point and thirty rebound games did Wilt Chamberlain have?

103 30-30 games 52 35-35 games

How many 30 rebound games for Charles barkley?


How many triple doubles does Wilt Chamberlain have?

wilt chamberlain had, 276 games with double double in a game. Kevin Garnett had, 37 games with double double.

How many 30 point 20 rebound games did Shaquille O'Neal have in his career?


How many 50 point 30 rebound 10 assist games in NBA history?


How many games had Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain played with England before the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had played 15 times for England before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

How many wives did wilt chamberlain have?

Wilt Chamberlain never married.

How many games did baseball player Wes Chamberlain play as designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox in 1994?

Wes Chamberlain played in 12 games at designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox in 1994, starting in none of them. , equivalent to 0 errors per game (estimate based on total games played in).

How many games did Wilt Chamberlain foul out in his career?

Wilt Chamberlain although he was perhaps the most physically imposing player of his or any generation played his entire 14 year career without fouling out of a single game.

What is the nick name of wilt chamberlain?

wilt chamberlain went by many nicknames, most famously The Big Dipper The Stilt

How many 50 point games did Wilt Chamberlain have?

i counted the amount of 50 point games on i counted 105, i think second is Kobe Bryant with 26

How many Wilt Chamberlain record does he have?